Smaller, cheaper courier contracts

I’ll own up to it, this isn’t a great idea, and CCP should go in a different direction. Some useful discussion was had by all

When you make a purchase on the market, beyond the range of a system, can we have an option to automatically create courier contracts to haul items to the origin station?

When an order is fulfilled a contract is automatically created with:

collateral: 150% purchase value
reward: 10% reward of purchase value

These do not could toward contract limits.

This will provide unending content for newer players, and help established players move things around, who can make better use of the game’s built in features rather than a 3rd party asset manager.

All this would do is further solidify market control into the hands of a small number of players.

This should aim to fill a gap in the existing market: namely contracts with small collaterals. It should be made prohibitively expensive for large value jobs.

There are currently just 5 courier contracts with collaterals under 10 million. Not appropriate for a game of this scale.

That’s perfectly appropriate for a game with an economy of this scale.

I cannot find exact data to answer how wide the gap is but it is there.

an expensive item would be out of the reach of new players …

regardless of jumps ?

yay! unlimited contracts to a player structure that can’t be docked or cargo dropped at … that’s sure to help new players learn about courier scams while relieving them of isk at the same time … +1


The solution must be efficient from a market perspective.

These are just ideas.


Let’s focus on creating content.


lol, he was being sarcastic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A great small hauler contract would be to let miners contract their ore directly from an MTU/can in space.

Or just do west everyone else does and split profits with a hauler… assuming you don’t just run an alt.

What if i want collateral to be 200% and reward to be 15%?

I think – when I mentioned they would not consume a contract slot – is because you can’t configure those underlying details.

Ha… yeah…the thing is… I think I’ve change my mind about this concept all together, though. It’s easy enough to make contracts yourself.

I’d rather prefer the other way around.

I would instead pursue the idea that when buying from NPC stocks, you can have NPC delivery :smiley:

I’m fine with NPC delivery, as long is slower, riskier and pricier than players run services.

Hard pass. As just one of many examples why this is a bad idea: NPC market listings are the sole source of most new BPOs, many of which are exclusive to non-high-sec systems. NPC deliveries would bypass the entire risk structure built into having these sold from low/null stations in the first place.

Fair point then the reseller vultures will take over.

“everyone is a scammer but me”

Nope, I’m among them.

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