Delivery Mission Suggestion

How delivery missions work right now is that they send you to the same stations each time. The problem is that those stations tend to not have delivery NPCs themselves, or the wrong ones for the rep you are grinding. What I would like to see is more delivery NPCs with a emphasis on deliveries that return you to the previous NPC you just did work for. That way the return journey is not a waste of time, and you’re always doing something productive.


More afk isk and standings grind?

No, from me.

There are much better options for hauling that don’t create isk from thin air.

Yeah, it would be a lot better to have it like that.

Currently you have to look for other Distribution Agents withing a few jumps nearby and start working for them as well. The best way to get a ‘Back & Forth’ type of Courier missions route happening is to work for agents located in deadend pipeline systems, that way you’ll mostly get destinations heading in the direction you want without having to decline very many mission offers.

As a new player, I ran a lot of distribution missions in Everyshore. They weren’t all for the same NPC corp but there are a lot of Gallente agents and an SOE agent so I rarely needed to go more than a couple of jumps to get another mission.

Also train for a blockade runner - they are a lot faster and, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can accept the lowsec missions at relatively low risk.


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