Concord Or Faction Escort Service

Hello all,

After experiencing and reading over player pain points currently in the game I came up with an interesting concept.

Players should be able to hire Concord Escort Services to move with them throughout gates and sectors. There should be levels of Escorts for example: Single Escort of choice, Multiple selection, or Hire Concord Fleet.

With regards to the ISK cost and duration of the escort and destination these are things the Devs should be able to set guidelines on as well as range you need to be in to stay protected by your active escort also how often you can hire an escort service.

This would would add a level of safety net for many players who like to move certain goods or ships once every know and then but should not totally remove gate camping due to some constrains set in place but, more to balance out the gameplay. Gate camping is all but too common but, there should be an alternative to this style of play making things more interactive and interesting for players.

From a market perspective the amount of ISK or PLEX being spent by players wanting to pay for concord escort would be tremendous as well and this would keep the economy healthy as gate campers already generate that level of ISK and PLEX usage after destruction has taken place. With an addition like this it would increase it or keep the current spend rate it inline with current play.

I do urge the CCP team to look into this as it could really be a fun and new mechanic that shakes up things in a healthy way.

As a newer player I have identified a few systems that would make the game much more fun to keep player retention rates higher in my opinion i would be able to invite more friend’s to enjoy the game as it would have some balances and checks in place for certain types of gameplay.

for example: in the real world if I am moving something extremely valuable Im hiring a full police escort and armored carriers but, as we know there are always some high skilled gankers willing to try the escort…

I will leave this idea with the devs…

P.S. it could even be a non concord escort and simply be a regional escort service with semi concord potential but still approachable with the right fleet of gankers.

There is many possibilities to this type of addition

Thanks for hearing me out.

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It’s already possible to reduce the chances of being ganked to damn near zero by following best practices. Thus, there is no need to reduce the risk of HS any further.

If you don’t know how to do this, I’ll happily link you to a guide, and answer any additional questions that you might have.

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As a newer player, I have misconceptions about the game but am too stubborn because I want to force my particular style of play and refuse to learn the game anymore than my initial poor understanding. Therefore, I’m asking CCP to change the game (with zero idea of the grand implications of these change) so it fits my new player misunderstand rather than take a couple of days to learn how to play better.


You already have access to escorts if you’re in a corp consisting of more than just yourself.

This is not a job for CONCORD, which punishes criminals rather than seeking to discourage them.

  1. Hire other players, use zkills/F10, fit a tank, don’t haul everything at once etc

  2. I would only support this if it was payable only in PLEX and not ISK. $10 per 10 minutes of protection sounds fair.

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Thanks for your input regarding this feature request.

Thanks for your your very opinionated input, these changes would have a significant impact on the game based on developer implementations but, would create some balance around the current gameplay mechanics while creating more opportunity for CCP to make a profit on it.

Thanks for your input, smaller corps or specialized corps may benefit from this.

Hi thanks for your input, Sounds like you have a good way to apply a base level of the concept. Thanks Kudo’s

No pets. Definitely hire other players.

Thanks for your input. Drones are pets. Players generally put currency to use in the most effective way in the game. Some players will trust other players and others will trust an escort both will have upsides and downsides for example: cost, betrayal, effectiveness, etc.

Start an escort service, for all the right reasons.
set up shop at the top of 4 seasons

Thanks for your input. This is hilarious!

Drones are balanced by the ships they belong to.

If you want NPCs to simulate players, make them simulate players, not just the nice parts of players. Any escort you hire should have a chance to backstab you and blow up your ship, increasing with the value of your cargo. CONCORD won’t respond because they only handle capsuleer aggression.

Thank you for your input. That’s a good suggestion, what about Triglavian escorts or other factions? would make things interesting, it would keep space full of mysterious adventure.

If it can be done by a player or should not be done by an npc.

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A 1 day old player suggesting huge game changes…

Also why not invite these friends of yours to be your escorts, rather than make the thinly veiled suggestion that if CCP makes this change you will get your friends to play.

Eve is about players performing this sort of function, not having the game do it for you.

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If you want faction webification service (increases travel speeds on heavy ships) you should drop faction standings or security status to -5 or lower.
Free of charge.
That’s first but not only service you can get.