Possible Improvement For Player Owned Strucutre Services

hi all, i just wanted to throw out a few ideas regarding the game.

something I noticed a long time ago was that you can’t do reaction in high sec, this is because of some kind of space health and safety act, i suppose my encounter with this has helped fuel my current thoughts.

but with all the resource and structure changes, i wanted to throw a few concepts around i had especially given the current industry changes.

  1. refining takes time

this one is self explanatory but works on a similar concept to what is above, similar to how reactions run which take time per run, i figured it would be cool to have the option to reprocess over time in return for a higher yield rather than a one click instant form, i want to say the hieghest yield is like 83% or something, i’m sure if you had refineries actually refining over time instead of instant click reprocessing. perhaps the polution from this could create some kind of system weather effect based on the industry index caused by it. was just an idea, i’ve voiced this a few times on comms. people tend to like this one, saying they can see it. it also means keeping refineries fueled and running and having central refineries for alliances would become a thing and hitting a refinery could be huge against an alliance. so it creates a very slight increase in minerals through taking time to refine, but also creates war targets for combat pilots.

perhaps there can be an alternate module or a skill for reprocessing lines, similar to reactions, it also means the specific mineral reprocessing skills would net a further higher yield on top.

I know there is a shortage and re-distribution and all that, but my thoughts are more along the lines of stretching what we have just a teeny tiny bit further. i don’t know how much of a percentage would make a difference, but the thought of a higher yield but over time would ultimately counter balance the change, keeping us in that nice bubble we have now.

  1. the in station repair service should not only take time but be better than the tethering system.

as far as i’m aware regarding the in game lore, the stations are all meant to house some kind of citizens of normal people, i just figured it would be cool to have the repair service in station have some kind of additional benefit, perhaps if you use it, the repairs will take a set amount of time to complete but perhaps you get a small addition of an extra 10% over shield or something.

in terms of the game lore (at least as it is known to me, i maybe wrong after all)

this way when you take your ship out into the field and have a good old battle you can literally put it into the shop

I am interested and curious in hearing your thoughts people.

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Giving a better yield, using a longer refine time is an interesting idea. Maybe tie it to a skill, advanced refining. Each level gives some percentage better yield.

For example

Level Max Duration (hours) Yeild Increase Per Hour
1 2 0.5%
2 4 1.0%
3 8 1.5%
4 16 2.0%
5 32 2.5%

A lvl 5 skilled player could choose the 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 hour option. A lvl 2 player could choose only the 4 or 2

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I was thinking it would be a case of m3 → hour ratio (the higher M3 the longer it takes) and then the reprocessing skills give an % return. obvious this will have to be capped and regulated.

That would work too.

Knowing CCP, you’ll have to add some garbage and quaffe, (for the workers presumably) and pay so much in broker fees that’ll be not worth doing :slight_smile:

-1 on both.

#1 basically creates resources out of thin air

#2 competes with a player commodity, boosters and implants

Better get rid of all those TechII items then, that impact the same attributes as many implants and boosters.

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i would argue against this, technically

100 units of veldpar yields 400 units of tritanium, this is however cut down due to the refining process

a quick google search tells me that the max reprocessing yield is then
78.15% in highsec
82.84% in lowsec
and 87.52% in nullsec

78.15% in highsec = 312.6 tritanium out of the total 400
82.84% in lowsec = 331.36 out of 400
and 87.52% in nullsec = 350.08 out of 400

100% reprocessing yield would most likely then yield 400/400

a big issue which existed in the game was the availability of resources, almost every resource was available in the game in almost every region of space, this has now been corrected, which was definately long over due. however ultimately the reprocressing mechanic is still available as a single click option, it is instantanous.

my proposal is simple a slightly higher base refining rate for longer procresses perhaps this could be capped at something small like 5%. this does not create resources out of thin air but in fact allows us as players to claim the resources already available to us in the game, even low resource areas would have only slightly better out puts, this could POSSIBLY vary based on the amount.

but it means having a refining station sitting in space, would normally and actively be refining.

fuel blocks are being used to power these modules and structures, i just think it appropriate that the actually process of reprocessing take some time rather than being instantanous.

I thnk this would be highly benefical to the distribution of materials (slightly higher yields of whats already in the game but now it takes longer) and also to the integrity of lots of groups especially powerful groups.

one of the biggest pop up stations was refineries, 99% of the time these are just burning fuel blocks. unless someone happens to reprocess a cargo load full.

by doing this every alliance and corp with sov or even a simple refining structure now has further risk.

it increases the need and thus demand for structure cores to prevent structures being turned into space dust.

this would also creation specific events regarding station warfare within the game.

reds roll up

blue’s flash form

this would of been a great idea for the previously intended games being intergrated into the universe too.

mercs could board the ships
valkyries could launch from here.

even if those things don’t apply anymore and perhaps never will. i think its still cool to have something like this in place. other than sov warfare it creates important targets.

with up coming changes to stealth bombers, finding a refinery could be a potential gold mine regarding their killmails for an attacking fleet.

I agree

however, now circling back to my inital concept though, having assets locked up in station services is a great way of bringing combat to the stations

perhaps a 0.01% increase per 10,000m3 at a max cap of 5%

every 10,000m3 will take 5 minutes to reprocess and ultimately an addition of any material will add say 5 minutes to the reprocessing time with the accumalitive increase of 0.01% capped at in this example 5%

so it would be highly benefical to throw as much in to get the maximum refine rate and simply have this occupy an industry line.

Players produce those though.

players farm basically all base resources and produce everything themselves anyway.

#2, Station Service is an NPC service, players don’t farm anything. You are suggesting the NPCs give a buff that competes with a player commodity.

A big no.

Resources are spawned by the game.

these resources are then harvested and aquired by players.
this is called “farming” players farm these materials

and i am not saying NPC services give players a bonus, perhaps I wasn’t clear in my origonal posting but my intent was this to be a improved feature in player owned structures.

Reprocessing should take time, this expense of time should be rewarded with a higher mineral yield due to “newly emerganging technologies” within the game.

I am discussing item #2, you seem to think I am discussing item #1.

what do you suggest then?

Players also produce Ore

could you please be clearer on what you mean please?

I genuinely don’t understand what you mean by players produce ore

ore doesn’t fall out of characters who are logged in.

Players have to go out and mine asteroids, they have to spend their time and effort, risk their ships, to go get it.

that is not production, that is procurement.

production is the creation of something.

the ore is created/generated by the game engine.

players have to procure resources this is otherwise known as harvesting or farming.

so circling back to this point here. to address concerns, i do agree that the example of granting players a overshield for use of the repair service is not only a bad idea, but in this case a bad example.

looking back at what i initially had typed out, ultimately my current thoughts are this
“the repair service in station is almost an obsolete factor in game” i am however sure there are many people out there who do still use it though.

my point though is that the repair service should also take time, just like in my inital point regarding reprocessing, this should not be an instantaneous process.

I do not know what to suggest with the game as it currently stands to implement this feature, at least when it came to reprocessing there was something more. anything which i could suggest at this point would only be a bonus for NPC services or a change in how it currently operates.

my suggestion of these services taking time, would then create a deeper player investment in the station services and also mean these services are not sitting in a station doing nothing 99% of the time.

regarding the repair service because reprocessing has been adequately discussed

If any bonus is granted it is OP
If it removes anything from the player is is a bad idea.
so what needs to change is the way players can interact with these services.

it seems to me at the moment to make this much more viable there would either have to be changes to tethering or introduction of specific componant damage for ships.

this way your hull, armour, shields, modules can all be repaired by tethering and thus not compromising the requirements of having cores in structures but the internal componants which make up complex systems for ships, would require more specialist tending too, this way your ship can go out there and be combat ready with all guns and shiney new armour and recharged shields, but if it doesn’t go into the shop you could in time develop internal ship performance problems.

examples of this could be things like incremenatlly increasing target lock times, slightly longer align and warp times, perhaps warping starts demanding more capacitor than normal or simply taking longer to get up to maximum speed.

this would be the comparible to reality of having a structurally intact and ultimately functioning car, but “the clutch slips” or “the oil needs changing” and “the brake pads are worn down” everything still ultimately works.

these however are only examples to help support the concept of not only having these services take time, but to also give some kind of benefit to the player. these again might not even be good suggestions for reasons i have not even considered, but i think it helps get me point across in a better capacity then having NPC’s give ships an overshield which would be a clearly exploitable aspect.

@Salt_Foambreaker i am still curious to hear your specific suggestions though.

One thing to help is to stop using the word station and say structure. You yourself bolded player owned structure. Station means npc. So I assumed you meant npc stations

actually thats a completely valid point, i’ll ammend that shortly.

maybe thats just my way of talking/writing.

I had edited it on the main title, but I feel going back and editing my previous posts will only create confusion for future readers.

I will try to keep that change in mind for future, i will make more efforts to double check my language on this thread.

for clarification when i have mentioned stations i have in fact been refered to player owned structures this whole time.

i can understand why this has created some confusion and i genuinely apologies about that. thats 100% my mistake and i hold my hand to it.