Make NPC corp reputation less worthless

What good is a reprocessing tax reduction when citadels have the best rates?

Previously, at around 6.67 points, players were able to max out their refining bonus. I propose giving back a bonus to reprocessing that is derived from reputation that, when maxed out at 6.67 reputation, would be equivalent to the highest of citadel refinery rates. POS such as citadel enjoy many other benefits, and do not need to have exclusive rights to max refining at the expense of others.

This would bring back the reward that those players had previously worked towards developing their standings with NPC corps for this purpose, and provide greater incentive to gameplay.

Npc stations are deliberately worse to try and get you to use player structures.

Npc’s and standings aren’t meant to be very good. It’s a player driven game. Go interact with players.


If this is true, then your game isn’t worth playing in the first place, and interacting with players in other games becomes preferable.

Fix the â– â– â– â– .

Why should old npc structures be better then tech that upwell introduced like a year ago tops?

Because you dont have a public athanor/raitaru nearby? Anchor it yourself. You afraid it will get destroyed? That’s part of the game. You take risk(your structure might be destroyed) for a reward(better refining yields). If you think the risk is higher then reward then dont do it. Use npc station.

npc standings are not worthless. they give you access to missions, they decrease your npc tax on selling, they increase your refining % in stations owned by corporation.

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because everyone loves seeing system after system of unfueled citadels, private ones, or ones that don’t have what you need.

that has nothing to do with topic proposal

I suspect CCP has a long term goal of removing services from NPC stations altogether. That will take a while - in the meantime taxes on NPC services provide a useful ISK sink

Yep, that’s why CCP is going the opposite way, drastically increasing penalties to NPC services, namely jump clones and broker fees.

i hope they dont remove services from stations, having to use a citadel whereby the owner controls you is a pain. place your expensive clone in a citadel and they the clone bay is turned off denying you access. Turning the market off making your inventory useless. NPC station standings should still serve a purpose I think.


They do. They do all that citadels do just less effectively. But they benefit from being completely invulnerable 24/7.

So you have a meaningful choices to make.

Why did you come to a player driven sandbox then?


The kool-aid around here seems to come with a chemical lobotomy.

Listen up. “Player driven” sandbox, whatever that means, doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have your own goals that don’t directly involve players. We had an incentive that was taken away for no good reason. It is garbage that there is such a lack of incentive for earning standings and it equates to less people playing your game. Why should I care about playing a game with such paltry rewards in the first place?

Fix the â– â– â– â– .

Self-reflection is the first step to enlightenment. In case you decide leaving, you can contract your stuff to me. :wink:

Seriously I’m happy there is less need for stupid grinding of standings. This is one thing annoyed me most when I started playing.


And things just keep getting easier for the peasants who will cry about “grind” in a video game. It is no wonder the game has lost so many players. These forms of vendor stand player “interaction” and token property ownership are of the most pathetic degree. It seems there are less reasons to play the game than ever.

If you don’t know what it means you can’t tell people what it does or doesn’t mean…


Grinding is actually shite and smart people don’t do it unless they have to.


You failed at reading comprehension. Go back to school, stop throwing your worthless 2 cents in every thread, and get a life.

I read it and understood it perfectly. You wrote it illogically, using a double negative and thus it made no sense.

I did well in school which is why I understand both how to read and write correctly :slight_smile: and my worthless 2c nicely summed up your worthless thread and silly opinions. If you get better rates at a Citadel and that is your only goal, use one. That much would seem obvious. Maybe you should work harder in school?


Its quoted as being open to interpretation. In your incompetence, you mistakenly thought I was saying that I didn’t know what “player driven” means.

Also, you seem to have totally missed the point of this thread and should feel bad.

Just stop posting before you embarrass yourself even more.

imagine someone managing to build a trade up out of their citadel, now imagine tax hikes or worse it getting blown up.

Im actually waiting for ccp to make standings even less because this inbetween is a bunch of bs.

removed standings for jc, removed it for station placement so we have that cancer. it only controls a small amount of taxes and where you may travel without being chased down. oh and unlocking the next lvl of mission which is ok

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Well then, time to stock up on mineral resources so as to not have to worry about not having to run out to reprocess at some player station.