Reprocessing issues

Been away for quite a few years, decided to take another look at New Eden.

Previously, when reprocessing ore at an NPC station, with Reprocessing 5 and Reprocessing Eff 5 and related ore reprocessing to 4 or 5… and standings with the NPC station owner being very high (9.95)… I would get 100% yield.

Now, I’m getting 68% yield. What is going on? Do I have to lose a 3rd of my yield? Is there any way to bring the yield back up to 100%? This seems kinda goofy.

The reprocessing quote doesn’t even seem to include any data regarding standings anymore, and the base yield is a measly 50% (my skills bump it to 68%), this seems really broken… i spent a lot of training time on those skills and they make barely a difference now.

Do I have to just suck it up and take the loss?

Sooooo… here’s the thing.

Reprocessing has been nerfed a couple of times.

If I recall correctly:
One of them was to reduce “gun mining” because the DEVs wanted the main source of minerals to come from actual mining.
I know another was to make citadels more appealing. Basically, you will get better reprocessing rates from player owned citadels with the right services than any NPC station.

Someone who is more familiar with industry can probably correct me if the above is not entirely correct and/or there are more details to add.

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You can find player owned citadel with proper rigs and refine there. Beware of player-set taxes.

Btw compressing ores in citadel with refining service is free of charge. Makes transportation way easier.

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@Ms_Steak Thanks. That really helps.

What really helps is structure browser in game that makes looking for nearby citadel with active reprocessing service very easy - you can filter by services.

I cant find the structure browser on the left side :frowning: how can i make the browser visible?


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