Reprocessing Fee calculation

Hi, I’m not wanting info on the reprocessing yield but rather the fees of reprocessing (the ISK you pay at the point of turning ore into minerals).

I understand that it’s a percentage but a percentage of what exactly? The input or the output (i.e. does it take variable yield into account)? What is the value based off (guessing the EIV but I’m not sure)?

Any help would be much appreciated!

I’ve never found an actual formula. It’s affected by standings. So every time my standing goes up with the NPC corp that owns my station, I reprocess some stuff, see what the fee is, and calculate the new percentage.

can’t confirm it’s all accurate but

get your standings up really good at the station you are at and you won’t have any reprocessing fees…

You can find the percentages a station takes for reprocessing services by looking it op through the Structure Browser.

The cost is the percentage, set by the station owner, of the isk value of the minerals outcome.

If you’re using a NPC station then your corresponding Standing with the NPC Corp and it’s Faction directly influence the cost; which you can reduce to 0% (or at least you used to, not quite sure if this is still true)

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