Questions about refineries

Hello. Today I was searching for a good station to refine my ores, I have Reprocessing V and Eff Reprocessing IV, so I think I net more money selling the minerals than the ore. But after a while I have 2 questions about refining I could not answer even with google.

1 - Is there a way to see the base yeld of all public reprocesing facilities in one place? In dotlan I’be got to see the base yeld of NPC stations, but for citadels I had to dock in every one of them to check. There is a way to show it on the Structure Browser I missed? Or any webpage?

2 - I don’t understand how the reprocessing tax works. In NPC stations it depends on your standigs with the corp, which is relatively clear. But for example I’m in a player owned citadel with a flat 1% tax, and I want to reprocess 4,2 millions of estimated ISK value. The tax I must pay is not 42k ISK (1% of the estimated value) but 26.8k ISK. How is this tax really calculated?

Thanks for your help!

Answers to you questions:

  1. Unfortunately no way to see the Yield % but you can see which NPC Station and PC Strutures that has the Reprocessing plant service installed in the Structure Browser as well as what the Tax is set to. However if it’s a Refinery you can count on it having a Base Yield of 51% for Athanor and 52% for Tatara.

  2. Estimated value of assets are based on the Regions average, meaning that it can differentiate alot from the actual value, if you’re in a region without any of the major Trade Hubs. The tax you pay for reprocessing at your chosen “Structure” is indeed 1% if that is what the owning Corporation have set, so if you take this into account the ore you’re reprocessing has an actual value around 2.68 mill, or maybe the tax imposed upon you are less than you think.

Edit: Changed answer to question 1 to be more truthful.

Where? The only thing I see are the taxes on the reprocessing service tooltip.

Would be interested too, how … afaik there is no way to see the reprocessing rate from remote for player owned refinaries, except you get info from the owner.

@Tipa_Riot @Dyver_Phycad - Sorry for my blunt mistake of not checking before writing, updated my post.

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