Refining rate in the structure browser


Can you spend a little love on the structure browser? It doesn’t show a refine rate.



While it’s a good idea is the solution not a simple one.

The refining rate isn’t dependent on only the structure like the reprocessing tax or market tax is. It depends on the structure type, the grading processors, your skills and implants and so ultimately depends on each of the raw materials.

A structure only gives a base yield, which is then further modified by skills and implants. The base yield itself can be different for asteroid ores, moon ores and ice, and depending on what grading processor is installed on a structure.

The structure browser would then either have to show all three base values for every structure, and you still wouldn’t know what exactly you would get. Or it would have to list the exact values for every raw material and that’s not a small list.


Hi Tnaks for you post some good points obviously.

I would settle for base yield, appearing in the browser. This makes sense as there are a lot of things to refine and so little space. So at that stage, it would be a happy start. However, I have seen complex data handled eloquently in windows like “the agency”, “mining ledger”, and the factory window.

There in those windows are very complex data. So I do have ideas as to how it’s done, but I have not doubt that it can be done.

And yes I know although complicated these calculations and information are available elsewhere, as explained above with the current solutions.

I would like to see the current refining process handled in the factory window. With the facilities that refine selectable their in.

So in the one window, you will be able to see the refining rates, you refer to. The only snag that is obvious is that refining is the reverse of manufacturing. Many parts in for manufacturing verses many parts out for refining.

There is enough space in the current structure browser to show base refine rates for ice, ore, and moon ore. They could be displayed together or selected separately from a drop-down menu.

Thanks for helping distill this.

I know it’s often asked how things are done, and although I do have an idea of how; I do think that’s what CCP is there for.

I suggest updates to structures, refining windows. The details and calculations for blueprints and reactions are very complicated. Yet they are presented as being calculated per structure taking into account all relevant skills and attributes.

So this indicates it’s all very possible for refining. The calculations are already there, it just needs to be presented better. My artist preliminary sketches are attached.

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