Highest Base Yield

Hey so i mine in nullsec, but ive noticed that 1 athanor has a base yield of 51% reprocessing, but for some reason i moved to another athanor and this one has a base yield of 58% which of course it a lot of difference, but now i wonder, how do i find base yields in the system? or region? or do i need to check on every athanor to see which is convenient.

You need to check on every Athanor, sadly. No way of seeing which repro rigs are installed remotely, afaik.

If you’re mining and refining in null sec and have access to multiple structures to refine in, surely you must be part of a bigger group that lives in null sec.

Why not ask them?

I know my alliance has it’s own way to keep track of refining rigs on structures, yours probably does too.

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You can use a ship scanner to scan structures and see what rigs it has installed, as well as fitting.

I’ve never understood why you can’t right click show info on structure and it’d say what rigs were in it. Someone said you can infer it based on the % bonuses, but I don’t think it clearly states which Rigs, and which tier they are.

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