What base yield do you get from a Tatara?

So I’m using a Tatara in high-sec and what I’ve understod they have a 4% bonus which means that without anything extra, they have 52% base refining.

If you insert a t2 rig it should go up to 55%, but for some reason in the station I use it said 50% when they started it and after the t2 rig was installed it only went up to 53%.

I found the following post which says how it should work:

What numbers do you guys get? Is that post old and they changed it?

Hint: you can simulate the fittings and effects for Citadels as well as ships with the Pyfa program =)

I don’t think it’s been changed. I looked at a high sec athanor and it still seems to obey the same calculations. I am not sure from where you are reading the number. I am checking by trying to reprocess some ore and hovering the % display at the upper left which shows 54% as base for this particular athanor. A tatara should have a superior percentage with a T2 rig.

Reprocessing Rigs modify the Base Yield of the structure itself, they do not give a “bonus”. All structures only fitted with a Reprocessing Plant has a base yield of 50%, now if you put on a rig (T2 in this case) the base yield is changed from 50% -> 53% and then the role-bonus of the structure is applied so that is 53 * 1.04 (Tatara) = 55.12%.

Tatara with no rig: 50 * 1.04 = 52%
Tatara with T1 rig: 51 * 1.04 = 53.04%

My calculation formula, in the post you linked, is still very much correct.

Thank you for the answer, will look into it :slight_smile:

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