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Hi All,

Afew friends and i have been running a small indy corp for afew months now, and are currently on the tilt of moving down into Low/Null sec. That being said, afew of our members are still not quite ready to make that jump and have expressed a wish to remain mining in HISEC.

My question is - our current refinery facilitates a 78.2% refinery rate on ore to minerals. Does anyone know if this is the maximum achievable in HISEC? or if there even is a maximum yield? For those members unwilling to make the move; we’d like to keep the station running but at the same time want to offer as high a yield as possible for everyone.

I understand that this also incorporates skills from my character/Implants and rigs along with the engineering complex bonus.

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(Do Little) #2

Maximum for Tatara with T2 rig in Highsec is 79.8%

This post has details:

(Marcus Tedric) #3

The maximum available in HS at a T2-rigged Tatara is 79.77%.

However, the rig is far from ‘inexpensive’ and the ROI will be ages…

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Morning all

appreciate the quick replies - helps us alot. I would appear id need to replace our Athanor with a Tatara and in doing so replace the existing rig. I’ll put it to the corp and see what they say.

Appreciate your time.


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A t2 Tatara will run you probably 50bil. A t2 athanor will run you ~3-4b, and you will get .78%. Do some calculations and see how much ore it’ll take to recoup 50bil with a 1.5% difference. My estimates show it’ll take 3T in ore to break even.

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There’s a t2 rigged tatara in Perimeter that i’d assume everyone can use. Just use that.

(Jeronica) #7

What if he lived in Domain, or Heimatar? A t2 tatara 15j away from where they operating is going to negate any profits of using the t2 tatara.

(Zykes Omega) #8

We’re currently operating out of Inoue (The Citadel). After a vote last night i think we’re going to leave the Athanor there as is. The minimal extra 1% from a Tatara wouldn’t be worth the investment really.

Democracy at its finest!

really appreciate all the comments though - thanks again!


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I wish more station owners offered refining, many don’t offer refining so some systems are deserts for refining/compressing, kinda the reason I wish compressing could be like a mobile depot item, but I’ve added your system to my list.

(ZorMighty) #10

Module cost fuel to run, compression can’t be taxed, refining at random locations isn’t what people look for.

(Piugattuk) #11

Now that I know that the refineries can give me a very nice yield, I spent a little over a mil ISK in cost to refine, so I’m not sure what it cost in fuel per single run refine but I would hope that owner made a profit.

(Zykes Omega) #12

The refinery in question currently takes up 192 fuel blocks per day… which in the grand scheme of things is nothing; and we’re currently making around 5 million ISK a day through tax so its easily paying for its self.

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