Tatara Mining Refinement Efficiency

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 I've been playing the game for a while and was in null sec for almost a year. My former corp had a tatara with unknown to me rigs in place for refinement.  I was able to refine ores at 86 percent efficiency with my level 4 per ore skill levels and a plus 2 percent implant.  Now I leave nullsec and venture back into HiSec to start my own corp and I have noticed that no one anywhere has that kind of efficiency.  I spent the better part of the day in Amarr, Jita, and Dodixie space running around using the structure browser  trying to find a Tatara that has this kind of efficiency.  Does this magical unicorn exist in hi-sec? or is it just something for rich alliances deep in Null Sec?  If you know a Tatara that has the highest efficiency in hi-sec please let me know.  It would be very helpful and keep me from having to waste a crap ton of time chasing it down.  Thanks for reading this and your help if given.


Would you please be so kind and remove the quote tags from your post. This long line of text is impossible to read.

With regards to your question: You cannot achieve 86% reprocessing efficiency in high sec. You have to go to low sec or null sec to do that.

wasn’t aware that it was in quotations as I never used them. New forums

Ok I understand why now. Thank You for help Dyver

This should be a lot more readable.

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the rigs have an efficiency multiplier according to system security. NS better than LS, LS >>> HS

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