How to find Hi-Sec Citadel or Engineering complex with the best reprocessing rate?

I’m in search for the best reprocessing rate Citadel or Engineering complex in Hi-Sec. I’m looking at max. 10 jumps away of Jita. Did anyone already do the lookout?

Second question is how to see what % is processing rate for ore in Citadel or Engineering complex without docking in each one and check manually?


You can see which structures have a reprocessing service module installed using the structure browser. As far as I know, the only way to see if the structure has a reprocessing rig remotely is if the owner puts the information in the structure name or bio.

The service module gives 50%, T1 rig 52% and T2 rig 54%. It doesn’t get any better than that in highsec for now.

Structure browser will also show the tax rate for using the service if you hover over the reprocessing icon.


So if I see 54% in Hi-Sec, I don’t need to look further more. And what is the max % for Low-Sec?

The rig bonus multiplier is 1.0 for highsec, 1.06 for lowsec and 1.12 for nullsec/wormhole

So: 54% highsec; 57.24% lowsec; 60.48% nullsec/wormhole.

There are separate rigs for highsec, low/null minerals and highsec, now/null ice so a 54% facility may not be 54% for what you are trying to reprocess.

The HS rig works for Kernite, Omber, Plagioclase, Pyroxeres, Scordite, Veldspar (and all their variants)

The LSN rig works for Arkonor, Bistot, Crokite, Dark Ochre, Gneiss, Hedbergite, Hemorphite, Jaspet, Mercoxit, Spodumain (and all their variants)

Same deal with Ice. I1 and I2 rig varients.

Edit: the variants are for medium structures (Astrahus, Raitaru) Rigs for large structures are divided ore and ice. XL rigs reprocess everything.


Thx a lot for detailed explanation! :handshake: Its very helpful

T2 Upwell rigs are expensive enough that it is uncommon to find them on anything other than the smallest structures, Astrahus & Raitaru.

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Im really sad about this change, i was enjoying buying ores in less populated places of highsec. But i cant do it anymore because people with access to nullsec or wormhole space have way higher refinery effeciency than me. So they own the market. It really sucks too because i invested alot of skill points into refining but now i dont have a use for them because just buying the minerals on the market is cheaper. Damnit CCP why did you nerf high sec refining.

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Nullsec refineries have a 12% advantage over highsec - the rig bonus multiplier, which is a reasonable risk premium. At 500 ISK/M3 for shipping by jump freighter it makes more sense to transport compressed ore rather than minerals. Highsec refineries are competitive which, no doubt, is why we see so many being built.

Note that Nullsec has always had this refining advantage with the intensive reprocessing array for POS and the Minmatar Outpost refining bonuses.

Mineral prices are determined by supply and demand. If more people feel like you that it’s better to buy minerals than produce them - demand will overtake supply and the price will rise.