54% reprocessing base

Hi, there is some way to know which is the% reprocessing base of a station or citadel, and not having to enter each one to see it. There are many that in the name puts “54% reprocessing base” but then when you enter, it is not 54%, it is 50%.

I do not understand English, this message I am translating them by San Google. please the answer that is meant to translate it

This is due to the most recent patch, which introduced the new structure type “refineries”, until now, citdels have been used for refining services, with rigs that provided bonuses.

In other words, these citadels probably provided 54% refining till this week, but should probably update their descriptions/advertising now that things have changed :wink:


DotLan, will give you this information about the NPC stations. I am sure there are other web sites out there that can provide this as well.

The show information dialog in game may give this information, I have not looked for it in years because I do not care about maximizing things when I reprocess most stuff in game.

I believe you can see this in the industry window remotely.

Are you sure about that? I haven’t found where that information is visible.

The structure browser will tell you if a reprocessing service module is installed but does not indicate which rig - if any is installed. The structure owner can put this information in the BIO or include in the structure name.

You can see the BIO by right clicking the structure icon in the browser and selecting the info tab. From what I’ve seen, relatively few structure owners are bothering to create a BIO for their facility.

Also bear in mind that all reprocessing rigs were removed by CCP a couple of weeks ago when the Lifeblood expansion shipped so the base will be 50% unless the owner reinstalled the rig. I suspect a lot of owners are still deciding whether that makes sense or should they decommission the existing structure and build a refinery. In highsec, it makes sense to wait until the nullsec demand is satisfied and prices come down before doing that.

I expect that rigged reprocessing facilities will be rare in highsec for a few weeks and then refineries will start showing up with better bonuses.

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