Citadel Reprocessing Bonuses in Hi-Sec

(Countess Oracle) #1

Are there any deployable or citadel structures that increase the reprocessing yield in hi-sec space? What is the absolute max reprocessing rate i could get in hi-sec. I’m level 5 in all skills and i have the +4 implant.

Thanks for any info

(Gaive Shayiskhun) #2

Ask again on October 25th :wink:

Just now you can get up to 77% I think?

(Zhilia Mann) #3

Right now a citadel or EC with T1 reprocessing rigs gives a base 52% and with T2 rigs a base of 54%. With max skills and the implant that caps at 75.25232% with T1 rigs and 78.14664% with T2 rigs.

(Countess Oracle) #4

Thank you Zhilia for the reply. So a Raitaru with t2 rigs, full skills, and +4 implant will get me 54% base and cap of Approx. 78%, and that is even if i am in Hi-Sec? I really appreciate the Info Zhilia.

(Zhilia Mann) #5

Yep, those are high sec numbers. In low sec that jumps to 72.5% T1 and 82.84% T2 rigged. In null/WH space that’s 84.28% and 87.52% respectively.

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