Anyone know max hs refining yields for...?


I’m trying to work out what the maximum reprocessing yield is for both a Raitaru and an Athanor, both based in highsec, and assuming character has max reprocessing skills + implants.

Thanks for any help.


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78.2 at an Athanor with a T2 rig.

Don’t know about a Tatara with a T2 rig. Haven’t seen a public one yet.

Edit Oh you didn’t ask about the Tatara lol.

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I thought you lost your citadel.

Ah, I’m not near there.



it was lost a few months after the corp disbanded due to a guy with 4 alts and 1 in a logi.

Jesus. If you cant defend against 5 characters then you dont deserve your citadel.

it was the corp with a fleet of 22 which included mostly new guys but also members from a guys alt that was suppose to be good pvpers vs the 5. the 22 man fleet lost about 40 ships after reshipping and going right back to battle. I was kicked out of the corp during this time so i just watched the carnage.

Almost as bad as another guy i used to play with a long time ago who killboards were so horrible he was constantly buying and selling characters because he couldnt get into corps. Sold my full pos, went to null sec where he bought over priced pos equipment, lost it in an attack, did a freighter run with the alliance he joined with all of their stuff and lost it going into null sec. no idea if he still plays or what character he even owns anymore.

Had you seen the state of the Hi Sec Defense vs a small fleet? you cant keep them locked down and they just warp off to repair and return.

Also it is never one Pilot with 4 alts & an unflaggable logi… then they say join a corp, might as well create new Corp and move on while leaving the old station behind.

Last week I un-anchored all my toys and now sitting in station cause watching movies now is more fun compared to the upcoming changes.

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