Kernite processing

why is it, that all my Kernite is losing aproximately half of the value in the reprocess window, even though i have level 4 Kernite processing skill? Reprocesing yield is showing 62 %. Do i need other skills to get this percentage up?

Nah, you need the reprocessing skill at level 5 and in a NPC station you need good standing with the corporation that the station belongs to.

Only citadels with the reprocessing service give up to 89% yield. Someone wanted to make only citadels viable for that purpose, so we are forced to use them.



Train the skill to 5 and reprocess only at player owned structures. Keep in mind that the best reprocessing rate you can get in highsec is like 74% or there abouts and only if you use a Tatara with 4% reprocess bonus. So look for those


It’s probably worth noting that, when the refining percentages were changed, the base numbers were also changed. So that 62% is equal to what you used to be able to pull out of ore. Everything from a citadel is extra you weren’t getting before.

CCP didn’t suddenly penalise everyone who didn’t use a upwell structure. They only gave a bonus to those who did.


Check the NPC station you refine at. Research focused stations refine at 30% verses 50% at Manufacturing Stations. Know before you refine…

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Max your reprocessing skills, use an implant, and refine in a rigged Tatara.

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But, consider that a T2 rigged Athanor will give you better yield than a T1 rigged tatara.

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