Reprocessing Quantities

I’ve looked online at numerous guides for reprocessing, but I’m not sure which ones are trustworthy, if any.

I have a few questions, preferably from someone with firsthand knowledge. Let’s use Compressed Arkonor as an example.

One, when I go to the Industry tab for Compressed Arkonor, I see I can get 3,200 Pyerite. Does that number change based on my skills, or is it just the base stat?

Two, I understand there is always waste, so I’ll never get to the 3,200 Pyerite, but assuming perfect skills in an optimal refinery and the best implant, what is the highest percentage an industrialist can get from their ore?

Let’s suppose that the highest quantity I could get is 75%, or 2,400 Pyerite. Is that number going to be exact each time, assuming all other variables (location, skills, implants, etc.) remain the same? Or will it waiver, where I get 2,400 one time, 2,396 the next, 2,403 after that, and so on?

Yes if the upwell station has the same rigs and your skills/implants are the same

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Thank you. That at least solves that mystery.

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Check the EVE Uni wiki on reprocessing. It covers it all.


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