Ore qtys found in info panel

I am reprocessing azure plag and according to the info I can get Tritanium 184 units and Mexallon 74 units for every unit of the ore. Am I reading this right? Is it for every unit or is it for every 100 units?

Because when I reprocess 100 units with 75% skills I only get Trit - 138 and Mex - 55, which is exactly if I multiplied the original units found in the info panel by 100


A batch is 100 units of ore - that’s the smallest amount you can reprocess and the mineral quantities are per batch.

when you right click=>show info, there is a row which says “units to reprocess: 100”

Yes, true, but in the batch of 100 shouldn’t it be for say 100 units x 184 (a single unit of tritium ) x 75% (my reprocessing amount)?
Which I would assume is 13800 but all I get is 138.

Ah, so hang on a sec (after giving some thought to your answers): are you saying that the info panel displays the qty expected from a 100% reprocess and (while not explicitly stated or explained) includes the fact that there is a limitation of 100 units when you reprocess? So in reality 1 unit of say azure plag actually only produces 1.38 of tritium?

Yes, you are right. Tried Veldspar yesterday, Ratio Mineral:Ore is 400:100 and then the efficiency factor has to be applied. In your example (75% efficiency) you get 300 Tritanium from reprocessing 100 Veldspar.

Thanks everyone for your answers.

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