How exactly does module reprocessing efficiency apply?

I’ve been looking at reprocessing, and I’m trying to understand exactly how my 50% efficiency applies.

I know that it applies within a single module: if I have 50 copies of a module, my 50% yield is applied against the total reprocessing yield for that module, not 50% of each module individually. That’s why if a module yields 1 unit of something on repro, you need to reprocess at least two at a time to get anything.

My question is, is this true only within modules, or does it apply to an entire reprocessing batch?

For example, if I have two DIFFERENT modules that both yield a single unit of Tritanium on reprocess, can I reprocess one of each together to get that unit? Or do I have to reprocess two units of Module A or two units of Module B?

Done a lot of reading through reprocessing documentation, but haven’t seen that answered.

What stops you from check it ingame?

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