Scrapmetal processing

the description of the skill says “2% bonus to ship and module reprocessing per skill level”, base is 50% when i started training the skill. At level 3 now and i only have got 53% when scrapping modules. It should be 56% at level 3 (50% + 3 X 2% = 56%).

Maximum possible is 55%. 50% base plus 10% of 50% (2%/level) = 55%.

Sorry, your maths is wrong - it’s 50% x (3 x 2%) so 50% x 1.06 which equals 53%

So percentages can be multiplicative or additive, and game devs don’t always do the best of explaining what you’re actually getting. However, the math checks out for a multiplicative bonus in this case. Thus, it’s probably developer intent, and not a bug. I wouldn’t blame you for being disappointed though. The bonus seems a little underwhelming if you ask me.

100% scrap metal reprocessing used to be possible but was deliberately nerfed several years ago to discourage “gun mining” where loot reprocessing was a significant source of minerals. It also allowed a form of mineral compression where Nullsec alliances would import modules and reprocess them instead of importing minerals.


With the mineral updates incoming, though, how viable would loot reprocessing become? Prices for the Meta 1-4 modules didn’t appear to have kept up with the mineral panic buying yet.

If people start refining all their mission loot, CCP can just nerf the drop tables. The future is uncertain.

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The panic buying is purely psychological - there are no shortages yet. People with stockpiles will sell into the spike and pull the price back down - it’s already happening. We’re guessing about the magnitude of the stockpiles but Rattati knows.

A lot of PVE players simply blitz the sites for bounties because the loot and salvage isn’t worth their time but, if tritanium stabilizes above 10 ISK, the calculus will change - especially in Nullsec where they will need to import most of their trit and gun mining could become a thing once more even at 55% refine.

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