Reprocessing items

Are there structures with bonuses to reprocessing items? Structure browser only show if there is reprocessing, but do not allow to diferentiate between ore and items. If it even is diferentiated anymore.

So if they exist how do I find them? Are these only in lowsec, I think it used to be the case back in 2017.

You can go to any npc station and reprocess just about. No discrimination between ore/items.

Standings makes a difference in what you pay, and there are skills to maximize what you get.

At 6.7 effective with the corp that owns the station, youll have zero reprocessing fees

There are no structures that give a bonus to reprocessing items, the only thing that affects that is the scrapmetal processing skill. Structures give a default 50% item reprocessing rate, some stations are as low as 35%, so always do it in a structure.

Open the structure browser, remove stations from the filter, check reprocessing filter…then anything that shows will have the same item reprocessing %.

Great, thats what I wanted to know. Thanks. Solved.

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