Ore Reprocessing formula changed?

Once upon a time when I clicked reprocess on ore, the tool-tip on the %age yield would include a factor for the ore-specific skill (eg. Arkonor processing).

Now when I do the same thing, it shows a factor based on “Ore Processing skills average”. This is the same regardless of the ore I try.

Is this accurate? When did it change?

This seems to be cosmetic. The factor is different for ores I have lvl 3 in as opposed to lvl 4.

I was concerned I’d have to train every skill to V before I could get a perfect refine in anything. Glad its not so.

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Hm im wondering the same thing. I basically got back from a hiatus and something has changed. People are buying ores for way more than last time i played. I suspect refinery effeciency has gone up alot, but i cant figure out whats going on.

The Refining Yield Formula is the same as it always have been, Base.yield * (1 + Skill Multiplier)… and yes the “Average Ore” multiplier is just that, an average of the multiplier of your skills for ‘Specific’ Ore Processing skills, the correct multiplier is applied for each type in accordance with your skills. the “average” is just a way to display it in a single line rather than have 1 line for each ore type.

It used to be level 3 for perfect values but now you have to train them to level V to get the highest yield.

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