Ore Processing Skills

I know that to use the crystals you need level IV (for the T2 ones) but apart from an extra 2% yield when reprocessing is there any point training to V



What even are those ores

Under the “required for” tab it lists all the things that are “unlocked” with a particular level of training, if it’s grey’ed out then there is nothing that needs it, in that case it’s just for the bonus.

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No, aside from a tiny optimization of an additional 2% yield, or to be precise a 1.10/1.08=1.0185 → 1.85% extra yield compared to level 4, you gain little out of that last level.

If you’re a miner looking for more mining improvements, training past level 4 does nothing.

If you’re a refiner and often refine large quantities for yourself or friends this last level can be worth the training time.


Thanks @Gerard_Amatin & @Zadin_Tichim

@Daim_Is that pic is for the moons that you find in high sec.

Yea, refinery% skills are weirdly low power.

That extra 2% does wonders when youre processiny billions and billions of ore every week.

Pretty sure it does exactly +2%.

Imagine a 2% cut on all trade in jita.

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Yep, it does.

If that’s a reaction to where I said it’s a 1.85% improvement, keep in mind that these bonuses per level are additive, not multiplicative.

At level 4 you already get 108% of the unskilled yield, so the step to level 5 (110% of the unskilled yield) is only 110/108 = 1.0185 → 1.85% higher compared to level 4.

Nah, it was more in response to the other person’s claim that “it does wonders”.

Because it does. 2% is a lot when youre dealing with a large amount of quantities.

Again, imagine getting 2% of all trades made in Jita. You could probably plex a dozen accounts and still have tons of isk left over.

That example isn’t anywhere near equivalent. I might as well say imagine getting 2% of all ISK generated everywhere.

Of course it is equivalent, because thats the point. 2% of something high enough, is amazing. And if youre doing BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of isk worth of ore every WEEK, that 2% is amazing.

And the fact that you wrote this, means that your problem isnt with the 2%. Its with the volume. Thats no different from saying “being taxed 100% for a 100 isk exchange is nothing”, when someone complains theyre being charged a 100% tax.