Mining Crystal Skills

I am looking to get a few mining skills on several of my characters so that they can use mining crystals. Ive noticed on most of the items they only need level IV to be able to use the T2 crystals and level V is greyed out. Does this mean there is no benefit from training these crystals to V and I just need to stop at IV?


Yes, you can stop training those skills at 4 if you trained them to unlock mining crystals.

Unless you want the refining boost from level 5, there is no reason to train further.

ok so they do give a little more refine % if going to V? I couldnt see the percentga e anywhere, but i am tired and may not be looking properly


Not at my PC or I’d get a screenshot, but I think it should be mentioned in one of the tabs of the skill.

ill take another look, thanks again

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