Further progression of the miners (new skills, lvl5 missions)

Add skills for further progression of miners (increasing their mining amount).

Add agents lvl 5 mining division (and not place them all into low-secs).

Reason: for miners very soon comes a situation when they fully train all skills in their profession; and from one side it’s not logical to not being able to develop further, from other side it pulls players to train skills from other professions in order not loose time though they would like to keep developing in the profession they choosed.

How is this a problem? Every ship and profession has the same “issue”. You can only train so many skills until you have maxed out all Amarr ships and weapons, for example. There are only so many skills to train to perfect exploration and scanning, too.

If you trained every mining skills, you will be sitting in a perfectly fit rorqual by now. (at least that is what is considered “end-game” mining)
You are saying you wanna take that into highsec level 5 missions?

Nullsec mining is where you wanna be at mate. Find a nullsec mining corp and earn your isk there.

Lets allow you to ignore the Rorqual because it’s not allowed in every sector of space.
Why don’t you provide us a list of every skill used to fit a Skiff, a Hulk, a Porpoise & an Orca, and how long it would take to master them on a balanced attribute remap using +5 implants.
You claim it’s short, but I suspect you haven’t actually sat down and done the maths on what skills you need to perfectly fly all of the above ships.

thx for replies

It’s not about null-secs.

Let’s also add all those pesky skills for mining crystals and throw in gas mining and ice and leadership for those command ships

It is in fact if you’re aspiring to be a big boy miner you gota go to null its where the ore is

Train into reprocessing, then train industry, then train trading, command skills, research, reactions etc. And then you’ve got your core skills.

You don’t need infinite progression for every task. You train into other areas to support your career.

I don’t think mining was ever supposed to be a major part of the game. I’m pretty sure it was only added in the beginning because it was easy to develop. If they wanted mining to be as fully developed as combat, if it were meant to be more than a side-profession, there would be different barges put out by empire factions instead of ORE. It would be as easy as bonusing each barge to different ores. It does not mean having an infinite mining yield training treadmill, it would just mean training roadblocks and hassles.

Also, why have lvl 5 mining missions when levels 1-4 all suck so bad?

Yes it is, because you are discussing what to do when you have trained all mining skills. As has been pointed out there is already a clear route all the way into the cockpit of a Rorqual. If you cannot fly a Rorqual, you do not have all the mining skills and there are still upgrades you can train for. If you can sit in a rorqual, you sure as hell aren’t going to sit in hisec scraping pennies off a pebble.

Null-sec is not the top level of the game, and high-sec is not the bearth place for beginners. It’s just different game styles. Null secs is not that everyone should wish to be in.

Player which trained all skills have no possibility of progression. But it’s not right to have such a big experience in game and not have progression. When the player rich 10-year line in game why he cannot continue to progress in skills through all this time. There is no limit for perfection.

Level 5 missions were removed from hisec for a reason. While I personally wouldn’t be against lvl 5 mining missions, They shouldn’t be in hisec for the same reasons that other lvl5 missions aren’t in hisec.

Thx for your post.
Mining is the major and most important part of this game. It is beginning and ending of the game, it’s her blood, her flash.

Being the base of enything in this game mining is also the base of economics. CCP don’t feel free to make changes here (as in PVP) because any even little step can break through the whole system. So they want to be 100% sure for results when make any changes in this field of game.

But that doesn’t mean there’s better not to touch this and let it develop evolutionary. Changes wanted in mining as in no any other side of game.

I don’t think this is necessary. This would just make minerals cheaper and worth less. If you want to min-max your mining more, just use tech 2 mining crystals.

I am for this, but IDK about including highsec, L5s are supposed to be a lowsec thing.

Also if they were to do this, I would like them to redo the mining missions as well. Most mining is in barges and the ore is sometimes spawned very far out and you need to slow boat it over there.

Little known fact, but mining missions actually scale very well with more pilots (unlike security missions). If you have an industrial support ship boosting another ship, like a Coveter, you would be mining more than 2 people. Thus be able to complete the mission faster and make more ISK/LP an hour.

More on that here: https://greedygoblin.blogspot.com/2014/05/business-post-mining-mission-farm.html

Also that article was posted before the industrial command change, so it is probably even more profitable now (since they can now use mining drones very efficiently)

Thx for your reply.

Mining missions needs to be redone.

Player category which more than 5-8-10 years in game. I think they can have possibility for further progress. Also they also should stay in the thing known as skill training.

The only way I see them possibly expanding the mining skill tree is by adding pirate faction mining and industrial ships. The pirates already have there own mining NPCs, so it isn’t a far stretch.

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