Adding 5 more levels to most of the skills

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I bet many of us felt sadness after traning some ship / weapon / support skill to 5. Its like “i can’t master shis ship any further”, “i should multibox to perform better”. ‘i shoudl fit officer mod’s’, ‘nothing to train anymore’.

There is simple solution for that. CCP can just add 5 (or more) levels to most of the skills. Shure, there is no point in adding 5 more levels to ‘Drones’ - you cant deplloy more than 5. But there is a point to add more levels to ‘Caldari frigate’, ‘Capacitor management’, ‘Evasive Maneuvering’ etc.

Each new level should take 5x more time to train, so people will not wine about a ‘gap between old and new players’.
5+ levels could be avaliable for alpha clones, so peaple will not wine about ‘I want it for free, bad CCP’.

Why its good for players?

  • You can master your favorite ships. There will be an option to train more instead of changing ship type or ship size.
  • You can master a ROLE of your ship. Like if ship has sniping bonuses, it would be even better in that.
  • You can perform better with 1 account. that means less alts - more alive players.
  • You can surprise ppl that are making guesses about what your ship can do.
  • This would be sort of buff for younger pilots and smaller ships in general (‘bigger isn’t allways better’ and so on) because smaller traning time multiplers on their skills.

Why its good for CCP?

  • More interested players. They can train for a battleship for 2 month or train for a frigsize for years.
  • More Skill Extractors sold.
  • More active, but unused accounts. Like ‘I wonder what my condor will be capable of after 2 years, i will just set skill queue and go afk to find my ship nerfed in the end’ (lol).

Expected trobles.

  • Simply adding more skill levels may cause some trobles in industry, but im shure devs will get it fixed.
  • SP prices may go up? So be it. More alts traning to extract skills = one more way to gain isk.
  • Worry about suicide gankers with 1k+ dps on cheap destriyers? Thain you tank better.
  • Gap getween old and new players? Again, not more than it is allready , 5x more time to train for next level.
  • Pay (buy injectors) to win? That would be A LOT of injectors, especially with that penalty on injecting for old players.

Now, if you can see any more valuable consequences of this - pls write about them. But pls dont write things like “go ttain skill_name if you have nothing to train”, because it’s not for you to decide what players should do ingame. Everybody are playing their own EVE.


They are capped at 5 to reduce skill gap between old and new players.

There’s already over 25 years of sp for a char to train.


Thats why
’Each new level should take 5x more time to train’

Only if player is going to train all of the skills. But what if he wants to master something particular? lvl5 and it’s done. nothing more.

Exactly. This is the one thing that newbies complain about alot. Those poor souls cannot ever catch up. EVE is designed that everyone can catch up.

But the poor souls that must catch up “NAOW!!!111eleven” got their cheat-stix.

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Thats right.If new players want to catch up with older ones, which were traning skills for years - they can just inject.

No, adding more levels makes it harder to catch up. Vets will have it at level 10 before new players even start. Just like we have level 5 before new players even start.

It’s not gonna happen. Every ship in the game is balanced around its capabilities at level 5.

Take a firetail with 20% and per level damage bonus and a 10% per level tracking bonus. At level 5 it has 4 effective weapons and 50% tracking. At level 10 it’d have 6 effective weapons and 100% bonus to tracking.

Compare that to a tech 1 frigate with a 50% damage bonus and 75% tracking tops.

Or take the fleet scythe. It would get a 100% rof fire bonus for projectile (thats means it instantly empties its mag into a target).

Or the orthrus with rlml, or a megathron with more dps than a vindicator. Etc etc

Its not going to happen. You aren’t the first noob to think ‘wouldnt it be cool if we got more levels’ but didn’t think about it for 5 minutes before posting.

Edit- and i nearly forgot the navy augoror which would get a 250% damage bonus (or 10.5 effective turrets) and a 100% bonus to hit points…

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Daichi dear, +100% means 2x. If you give a turret with a cycle time of 10 seconds a 100% rof bonus, it means the cycle time of that gun is 5 seconds now, not 0.

Do you know what you need?
Player skills V…

It doesnt matter what skills you have for a ship, if someone flyes it better then you! The smaller the ship, the more true this becomes.
So this means theres absolutely no point in giving people even more bonuses, to make the skillpoint gap between new and old even bigger.
The whole point of eve is you can train into a ship and specialize in it, farily fast. But it takes forever to get all ship skills.

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This idea is just as silly as asking for your guitar amplifier to “go to eleven”:

It’s effectively the same as making skills take longer to train as CCP would have to rebalance everything around the new maximum skill bonus, and the simplest would be just to halve all skills. Further, even if they didn’t whatever advantage you think you would get with access to new skills would just be an illusion as all your competitors would have access to those skills, some of them likely faster than you, meaning they will undercut you on the market easier or have an easier time beating you in a fight.

All it does do is make it take longer for a new player to get to ‘competitive’ something CCP seems to actively trying to fix by making it quicker and easier for new players to get into the game.

That is not to say there may be some specific skill where another tier of ‘Advanced’ whatever may make sense and offer some new gameplay, but in general just making all skills go to 10 is terrible idea. It takes long enough to catch up with the veterans.

If CCP did it though, I think they should make all skills go to 11 since it is one better than 10.

But -1.


No you’re thinking backwards, kinda.

Youre thinking:
I shoot ten times a minute. 50% bonus means i shoot 15 times a minute.

The math in the game:
My gun cycles once every 10 seconds. A 25% bonus means my guns cycle every 7.5 seconds and a 50% bonus means my guns cycle every 5 seconds.

A 25% rof bonus improves dps by 33%. A 50% rof bonus increases dps by 100%. A 100% rof bonus means your gun cycles infinitely fast (watch out for them lasers).

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I have all the skills and I fought you in a blood raider site…

I’m not waiting four and a half months to get 5% better turret tracking. This idea is totally unnecessary and doesn’t add anything except significantly more waiting.

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Leave it to the Minmatar to get an old A-10 and strap a warp drive onto it.


■■■■ tracking. MOAR BULLETS!


Do we really want huginn webbing even further? Becaue that’s what you get with skill scaling to X instead of V.

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Please be trolling.

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No, that will literally turn this game into P2W
Cuz there is something to be called “skill injector”

There are always players more wealthy beyond your imagination, think aboot these max sp characters.

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