Right, so CCP, about those gunnery skills

Can we have some more gunnery skills soon? Like advanced weapon spec skills maybe, with a 1% damage bonus pr skill level?

Or at least bring out some new and usefull skills for those of us who doesnt wanna train industrial stuff.

Why? So we can hear more new players complain about the disparity between old and new? No love for missiles too?

I believe we have ample skills. More would just frustrate the majority of players. If you have nothing left to train (which I doubt), train an alt. Or cross train more. Being able to fly every race and vessel is extremely helpful.


Yeah, forgot about those, but i dont have all missile spec’s to 5 yet, and i prefer ships with guns anyways.

Not really, no.

True, I dont have Titans trained up yet, other then that i have most things covered.

I can fly any sub cap pvp ship with maxed out skills (except bombers, since i only have bomb deployment level 4).

Point is, that for some of us there comes a point where we start running out of usefull skills to train, and im way passed that point, and so are a lot of my friends now.

As @Lady_Ayeipsia pointed out, adding extra combat skills will affect game balance between old and young pilots.

I’m not against new skills being introduced, and I agree that new combat skills would be refreshing. However , I think that suggesting something like this also needs some kind of idea as to how to deals with the balance of the game.
I’ve played a few games now where continuously adding new things for older players, without thought to the overall balance of the game, has completely destroyed the game (I’m talking the player base vanishing kind of destroyed, Dark Orbit is a huge culprit).

While a few extra skills won’t affect EVE the same way, I can assure you it’s not a road that we want the developers to even begin walking down.

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Well something needs to be done for those of us who has maxed out most, even if its new shitty pvp frig skills, i would still be happy.
What i dont want to happen tho, is having to stop training the char or training industrial skills on it.

Drone skills? They help.

Gavimetric science to 5 so you can use T2 warp bubbles on HICs?

All ship skills to 5. Probing skills for combat hunting?

Train a useless skill and extract to make isk!

That said, just because you want something doesn’t mean CCP will or must do it. As said, this game is about balance. Giving high level skills, even frig ones would hinder new players and lead to problems. Just because you have maxed your skills does not mean CCP must add more. This is not some level cap MMO. If you are expecting that, you have been paying attention toon to these past 15 years or so.

Over 18m sp in drones, including all drone specs to 5. t2 for hic’s? had that since it first came out, and almost 80m sp in spaceship command, so not much to train there either.

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Then you probably are just plain out of luck.

Either train to make skill injectors for fun and profit or accept that you may have to train for Indy skills.

Train indy skills, fall into dispair, extract indy skills and see the light while you laugh in isk!

Is this entire thread some “Elite” look what I’ve got ePenis thing, If its not, please tell us why?


I believe he is genuine in his concerns. Skill training is the main form of progression for players in this game. I can totally understand how running out of things to train can feel like there is no longer anything to work towards.

‘Power creep’ however is not the correct solution for games that depend on their longevity.

I think he should try and build an alliance capable of holding SOV in null sec. That will be the best replacement for a goal to work towards.


I said why, cause just like me, a lot of my friends have reached a point where we have pretty much nothing left to train, at least not something that for us is usefull.
Nor do we want to taint our skillsheets with industrial skills for no good reason.

And i dont see the problem with releasing some special gunnery skills, cause even if it was a rank 12 skill and only added 5% extra dps when maxed out, we would have something to train.
And I highly doubt those 5% extra would ruin the game balance wise.
(Considering how fucked up autocannons still are, I would go as far as to say CCP couldnt care less about that sort of balance either way)

The thing is, that’s not a solution, it is just a temporary bandaid. Once you have trained that rank 12 skill, you’d just be back here looking for more. You need to look at either diversifying or selling your SP. Presumably, there is more that keeps you in the game than just wanting the next skill level.

Maybe it’s time for…

pirate weapons


Ok, I peeked at eveboard. Why not train up those few skills (already tainting the skillsheet) you don’t seem to use or want, and extract those on a monthly basis?

You could always extract the gunnery skills for ISK and relearn them if you are so desperate to spend time learning more gunnery skills. Nice humble brag though.

You’ve got a good 6 mo+ just in Drone skills… Jump Drive skills… snicker… 240mill and shield comps to IV.

Maybe they need some Pet skills you could train… u know, since you just became somebody’s pet.

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yeah, I can see why you are in the position to talk.

Not a brag at all, and ive actually been advocating advanced gunnery spec skills for probably more then 10 years now ( go check posting history if you dont belive me)
If you could make those focused on gunnery gain another 5% extra dps, it wouldnt unbalance the game, players would still have more to train, and yeah, they would actually become slightly better then most normal players.
and so what? Almost every ship req these days have been lowered, Caps are silly easy to get into, same are t2 and t3 ships. Everyone is rich as heck these days, so you know what, I actually wouldnt mind some extra skills that would seperate us slightly again. Cause young players have it stinking easy in everything they do in this game these days.

Honestly, I just cant bring myself to extract those skills, even tho I hate seeing them there (Damn you ccp and your char creation)

That’s just what happens when a game gets old. There has to be catch up mechanisms for new players otherwise the player base just dies.

You just sound like a bitter old player to be honest.

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I sound bitter cause i want vets to have more skills to train?

Your point would be valid if you were hitting the cap of all skills trained. As others have pointed out, you have skills you could train.