Controversial - Change some skills so certain levels only effect certain ship classes

Completely rewritten to clarify and add some numbers

Currently it takes 335 days (yes, nearly a year, 15 skill injectors circa 15 billion isk) (without a remap or implants) to train the following skills for a new player.

CPU Management V
Power Grid Management V
Capacitor Management V
Capacitor Systems Operation V
Mechanics V
Hull Upgrades V
Shield Management V
Shield Operation V
Long Range Targeting V
Signature Analysis V
Navigation V
Evasive Maneuvering V
Warp Drive Operation V
Spaceship Command V
Weapon Upgrades V
Advanced Weapon Upgrades V

Now my proposal is that these skills, shouldn’t need to be level 5 to receive the maximum benefit when flying a Tech 1 frigate or a cruiser.

Once the skills listed above (or a selection of) are level 3 (or similar) you will receive the maximum benefit for that skill to your tech 1 frigate. The level 4 and 5 bonus for that skill will not apply to tech 1 frigates.

Frigates will need to be buffed to bring them inline with how they are today to accommodate this change. This would also have the knock on effect that they would be easier to fit and fly for brand new players.

This would significantly reduce the amount of training time down for new players who want to get out onto the battle field in a shiny well fitted and capable ship, it will allow them to concentrate on training other more specialized and diverse skills such as gunnery and tanking skills.

The reduction in training time is dependent on which skills this would apply too, but if all the 16 skills above worked in this way, then that would reduce the training time for a tech 1 frigate by 320 days.

A variation of this change could also be made to tech 1 cruisers to help along training time in the transition to larger hulls

Any questions or comments welcome as always.

How about we don’t dumb the game down any further, thanks.

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How about we give new players a chance? Make the first month easier? This change will have benefits for everyone, vets will have more content.

Imho skills don’t really matter, player ability, knowledge and experience are the things that win a fight, and the skills I’m referencing are a barrier for new players to get straight into the action.

All ships in the game have a purpose, those very basic ships included.

Grow a pair and undock even if you are not all fives.

-1 Terrible Idea.


Literally just today made a 1 day alt and duelled someone whos been playing a couple of months because he thought the same. We had a couple fights; one he couldn’t kill me, the other he bested me but i think it was a lot closer than he was expecting.

Whilst new players can definitely be given a better start than they do now (see my thread i made yesterday), it’s not as bad as most people say.

Skills don’t need a fundamental re-work like you are suggesting. New players just need a few more starting skills to level 2-3 and a tutorial that isn’t half the old system and half a new system (it has not meshed well).

Sorry bud, but you lost me on this entirely. This idea has been in your head now for some weeks, but why? Newbros get into ships faster with the “magic 14” and everyone else be damned? It was bad enough when learning skills were axed, now we have injectors, now we have cerebral accelerators, now we have limitless pay to win opportunities - but dumb things down for new alphas or new omegas?

My argument wouldn’t be to help the newbros but to keep the ancients such as myself who some days struggle to find a reason to even log on.

While I am sure I sound rude I am genuinely not meaning to - it’s this random idea which you cannot reinforce with even the most basic pro/con debate has me going … … … . “huh?”


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The point of skill training times is to allow the player to learn at the same pace that they can unlock ships. It’s in a perfect balance as is.

No. Any one who is worth having in this game will train those skills over time like every one else and also learn how to play the game.

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It’s better to learn to play when you are new and unskilled, what you lose is less costly and ego wise being new is a good excuse.

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If I started a new character today, I would greatly take advantage of Skill Point Injectors, something I did not have when I started playing.

So your argument is “I had to do it, so new players should have to do it too”?

Bump, ive rewritten the original post for further clarity and to add data.

We had to go through support skill training but that IS NOT why others should have to, it is because THAT IS HOW EVE IS PLAYED!

You get skill points and YOU put them where you want. If your skill point allocation means you want to train nothing but support skills for a year and do nothing else, that is up to you…go for it.

Or, you can do what almost everyone else playing EVE does and that is get some sort of profession going and add support skills as needed.

We have already given ‘ambitious’ players skill injectors if waiting a year isnt something they feel they can wait for, no other concessions need or should be given.

But all the support skills count towards all ships.

It’s not how eve is played weapon skills are tiered too hull size, why not support skills too?

You are addressing an issue i keep mentioning as i battle the endless result of goonswarm/powerblock and friend related baddies who advocate that the game has to be played in a specific way, and that players have to be manufactured copy-printed models and so exactly what the boss says that benefits the organization, not you.

This is an ideological warfare and it happens because of larger entities with what i deem “immortal” status. It will not be fixed until ccp gains the courage to break up the alliances and make the coalitions, corps, and alliances smaller.

I doubt this will be done as a developer because they get a lot of hype about it, but then again them making this change itself may be a means for their company to go from 500m a year to 3 billion. I personally think Diplomacy, Corp/alliances, and mining should all fundamentally be changed and i think if they are done correctly, breaking up these entities the game will be significantly better (and income and retention raises will sky rocket).

Your first point is definitely not true, i can fly a GOLEM without taking the Advanced Weapon Upgrades skill at all, this fitting skill is mostly a turret boat issue, so all support skills do not support all ships.

As to your second point, I know, without even testing it, that I could fly my GOLEM exactly the same as I already do even if i completely extract Capacitor Systems Operation to zero. I have an overabundance of capacitor at all times. The point I’m making is that there isn’t a clear relationship between hull size and support skill need, the need is dependent on many things: ship type, weapon type, enemy strengths/weaknesses as it is a hull size.

Also, do you realize how many things in the game would have to change to accommodate this idea? Missions, rats, wormholes, pretty much everything in EVE, to some degree, is geared around the status quo of newbros having fitting issues, change that dynamic and the game goes to hell pretty quickly.

Also, since the game now has alpha pilots they won’t remain alphas as we know them, they will become Mega-Alphas and alphas already have more available to them then i believe they should, since they don’t support the financial development or maintenance of the game.

First point, So what, that was a generalisation… obviously htey dont always count.

Second point, yes, this is about retention and ccp making money, get new player on boarding right and they will make more money, of course a lot of aspects are going to need a rebalance. PVE, Ships, alphas. It goes without saying, I’ve come up with an idea to make the game seem easier for new players, Ive obviously not gone into the detail of the balance that will be required.

It feels to me like you’re attacking the strawman…

After two, maybe three months no one’s a new player anymore, which means that this falls apart literally in the second sentence of your post and I sure as ■■■■ hope that other people also notice that …

… your argument is invalid.

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