Some npe training tweaks

So one thing i now notice about the new npe that i didn’t before,

No one time small sp injectors.

So in the beginning (or when i started) you started with racial frigate to 3 out of the box. Then they changed it to zero but you got a free skill book and an injector that got you to level 3 with a little sp left to spare. Now though, you get level 1 insta-injected for doing the agency turorial but that’s it.

I admit, that should change. I start with a higher industrial skill and mining frigate skill than i do racial frigate skill. We should go back to starting of with racial frig 2 or 3 and then the agency bump that up one level or another skill like repair systems (see below).

Another thing that seems missing, repair systems. I’m sure this used to be given out of the box but now starts at level 0. This is made even weirder by the career agents, which give me an armour repair system module to use but not the skillbook for it. And stranger still is that the career agents give me the remote armour repair skillbook but a civilian mod that requires no skills.

I think this should change to having at least the skillbook for repair systems given out by career agents but it’d probably just be better to have the agency inject racial tank at skill at level 1 like it does racial weapon and racial frig.

Career agents also used to give you a skillbooks for destroyers near the end but that is also no longer the case. (they still give me a destroyer though).

Drones! Ive said this before but I’ll say it again. Ever since the tristan was rebalanced into a drone boat and the algos was made it’s been crappy to train into drone boats for new players. Drones from level 4 to level 5 alone takes over 4 and a half days (or 9 for an alpha). Add another day (or two for alpha) for levels 2-4. This just seems too long to train these ships to a point they are merely worth using. This is again made weirder by the fact that the career agents give you a tristan as a reward for one of their missions, but it’s frankly useless to new players whom HAVE to train drones to level 3 before they can even start to use non-civilian light drones.

I’d like new players to either get drones 5 out the box or remove the skill and it’s effects altogether so everyone can use upto 5 drones regardless of skills.


  • Give new players a higher level of racial frig out the box.
  • Either agency inject racial tank to level 1 or career agents give players racial tank skillbook.
  • Give new players drones 5 or remove the skill.


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