To be or not to be

Let’s make a 1v1 new char arena contest in hek tomorrow night, would be epic fun! Markoni can use his main. Can use a naming convention (first name of forum name + “_Level1Combatant”) for fun xD

Oh dang, I just made hubert mcdubert

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LOL, nvm about naming conventions then xD

Low sp/ alpha can pvp and win. Especially now when alphas aren’t faction locked and can use more modules. See autism prince 2012 (aka Suitonia) videos. Or my smurf accounts. Speaking of smurf accounts, your low sp/ skill restriction would not be effective.

As for upgrading or not… Games have/ had(?) a trial/ demo, that lets you play for a bit and decide if you want to commit, alpha is similar. Instead of a few hours of you get a few months to account for the e… complexity and uniqueness of the game*.
If you love pvp I’d strongly advise upgrading, t2 ships let you do funny stuff.

*it also lets oldbros coming back from an eve break to log in without submitting tickets and having a time limit, that was a mess.

Red, like yours, but those videos and others helped me a lot. Just listen to experienced players if you want to progress faster.

So one thing i now notice about the new npe that i didn’t before,

No one time small sp injectors.

So in the beginning you started with racial frigate to 3 out of the box. Then they changed it to zero but you got a free skill book and an injector that got you to level 3 with a little sp left to spare. Now though, you get level 1 insta-injected for doing the agency turorial but that’s it.

I admit, that should change. I start with a higher industrial skill and mining frigate skill than i do racial frigate skill. We should go back to starting of with racial frig 2 or 3 and then the agency bump that up one level or another skill like repair systems (see below).

Another thing that seems missing, repair systems. I’m sure this used to be given out of the box but now starts at level 0. This is made even weirder by the career agents. Who give me an armour repair system module to use but not the skillbook for it. And stranger still is that the career agents give me the remote armour repair skillbook but a civilian mod that requires no skills.

I think this should change to having at least the skillbook for repair systems given out by career agents but it’d probably just be better to have the agency inject racial tank at skill at level 1 like it does racial weapon and racial frig.

Career agents also used to give you a skillbooks for destroyers near the end but that is also no longer the case. (they still give a destroyer though).

So yeah, not crippling but training racial frigate to three is a bit crappy for an alpha.

You can all come a try. :smiley:

Won’t be able to come tonight working late.


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I’ll be on saturday 1000 eve time for round two. See what a couple days training does.

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What are you guys doing in Hek?

Duelling with completely new characters.

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Thereby demonstrating the difference between experience and SP?

Ah. If you eve-mail me some times when you’re around …
… then I’ll be around too!

Just make sure you’re at the main station, Boundless Creations. :blush:

Double Volley Thrashers at the ready no doubt :stuck_out_tongue:

That was the idea. But then i lost… :laughing:

@Solstice_Projekt will do. I’ll be on about ten hours.

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I’d probably lose too, to anybody with an ounce of experience; even at my current skillpoints, the odds probably aren’t in my favour.

That said looking at his Slasher fit in his losses you were hopelessly outclassed at close range regardless of experience.

That said experience would say know thy enemy, what he flies and how to counter it.


@Markoni_Falcone /tips hat.

That’d be in around an hour. I’ll be around!
Ping me here, so I’ll notice!

@Jonah_Gravenstein You’re invited too!

Hey guys. Send me a message in advance so i can arrange my time.

I’m chillin in hek with my three day old char. Anyone fancy a nooblet rumble?

Probs after DT