Hi there I’m new in the game and I just want some views of the game, I have a dew hours played, but: is it worth to upgrade to Omega?


Welcome Marcus.

The choice to go Omega is entirely yours and only you can decide if/when it will benefit your game.
I would suggest you stay Alpha for a bit and get your feet wet first. Do the Tutorial and Career agents which will give you some rewards (free ships and some cash) and a feel for the game.

You can train up to 5 million skill points as Alpha, but beyond that you will need Skill injectors or upgrade to Omega.

Knowledge is valuable thing in Eve! Google is a great help and there is alot of 3rd party information available.
Eve University has a wealth of knowledge you can access, for one.



Welcome to Eve:

In general, the core skills you’ll be training for your first month or two are the same for both Alpha and Omega - exceptions are the industrial skills that could influence the game economy if abused by free accounts.

While most games provide content for players to consume, Eve is primarily a sandbox where players are the content - even if you choose to play solo you’ll be interacting with other players through the markets and in space. This playstyle isn’t for everyone.

I recommend that you try stuff -

Most important, join a player community. There are lots of choices in the recruitment section of the forum. The game makes a lot more sense when you have a community of experienced players to help explain it!

If Eve is right for you, you’ll know within a few weeks and that’s the time to subscribe.

Good luck!


If anything the normal/intended training speed (alphas have it halved) makes experience much better for new players, imo.


The fine folk of CCP Games have spend quite a lot of time to make EvE what it is. They also had to put up the the weather in Iceland. If you enjoy your stay please consider to give them something in return.

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Depends on how much fun you had in that few hours.

If it was a non-stop orgy of ecstatic Joy where your girlfriend left you because all you did was play EVE all day, then go for it.

If it was a boring grind where you fell asleep on your keyboard and woke up a day later, then probably not the best thing to spend your money on.

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Personally suggest stay with alpha till you are positive you want to go further.

Alpha (as others have pointed out) allows you to skill up your core skills and other required skills to the point you can do lvl3 missions.

Once you want to go further, then omega opens everything up, you gain 2x skill training, and access to everything once you have the required skill levels.

One key thing above this is to find a group of players to fly/fight/mine with, as having a good group of player to chat with and play with is a key factor to enjoying EVE.
Try to avoid joining the mega corps/alliances for now, as you’ll loose the benefit of what smaller corps can teach you as a group player and as a solo player.

But have fun, and expect to die a few times as you learn the game.

If you have trouble there is a noobe channel and most times a friendly vet in system to help.


Just go all in…

…you know you want to. :smiling_imp:


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