Ok, it’s hard, I’m going to die, some are Aholes, got it but what else?

I am a complete newb, just out of the tutorial and I get that the learning curve is long and complex. I had to laugh when the tutorial has you take a death as part of the initial learning burst and that should tell people that death is a regular part of this mad game :slight_smile:

I have been reading as many beginner posts and many others just to get a feel and it’s pretty clear that I will probably die a lot at first and I’m fine with that. I actually created a second toon to do part of the tutorial over so I could get a better idea of what I was suppose to be doing.
I can see that a big part of the culture is take or be taken and that sounds fun.

I also get that I’m going to take a long time to get good at this so here’s my real question:
Aside from “I’m going to die” and “it’s hard” what do you wish you knew on day three?

I’ve read about the magic 14 and I’m working those skills up and I’m an FTP now but will probably go to an omega account in a couple of months.
I will do the career missions and sisters of eve line on at least one toon but what else is important?
Thanks in advance.


I wish I knew that high sec slows down progression by a lot! if I knew I would have went and died 100 times in cheap stuff in null and low sec exploring I would have progressed a lot faster :] but otherwise you have the right idea something to watch that will help a lot : https://www.youtube.com/user/eveiseasy/videos :smiley: good luck.


Patience is a virtue when it comes to becoming half decent at solo PvP, but damn is it worth it!

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Your brain. There is a lot of great advice in these forums and in YouTube. There is also a lot of nonsense. You need to have a well functioning crap detector for this game as well as in life. Follow the advice that makes sense to you, ignore what doesn’t or what you don’t know enough to determine either way.
Personally I see no point in going Omega until you’ve trained a lot (you pick a number) of skill points. Why pay a subscription to train the same skills you could train for free? Furthermore, you don’t know which activities you will want to concentrate on yet and training everything will take years before you are set in a particular career.
People here are pretty fantastic. Ask your specific questions and they will help you. Ignore the few jerks. Remember that well meaning people can give you bad advice.
This game is all kinds of unfair, that’s one of the things I like about it. Good luck and have fun…by YOUR definition of fun.


Don’t Omega accounts train skills twice as fast and aren’t limited to a 24-hour skill que? For me that’d be worth it.

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With the hindsight of all of my eight / nine months of flying omega? Nothing.


These forums, including the archived ones, are full of nerfs, buffs and barfs … translated as:

  • what is no longer (because the fitting was ‘nerfed’)
  • what is no longer (because ship spec was later ‘buffed’)
  • what never was (because a lot of the ‘lore’ repeated on here, ad nauseam, is wrong)
  • what will also have no bearing whatsoever on you because you prefer PvE vs PvP eg if you like to mine then the typical anti-mining commentary you will get on asking a question will just bore the pants off you after a while, all whilst failing to actually answer your question.

How do you tell the difference when searching old threads? Often, you don’t. Just do it. See what works, see what doesn’t. Follow your instincts … either to take risks, or not. That is where the game is won or lost, based on your personality. It’s what works for you that counts in the end. Advice is all well and good. Experience is what counts.

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It is who you know and fly with that is FAR more important that what you have.

You can have hundreds of millions of skillpoints and ISK… and it will all fall flat in the face of an organized effort against you by people with half your skillpoints, in ships worth a tenth of the value of the ship you are flying.

People are what make this game.

Go out, find people like you, and start flying with them. They will make your game far more interesting and worthwhile than anything else.


I will also add that you will find people by “doing stuff.”
What stuff you may ask?

The stuff you want to do! :slight_smile:

No matter what happens, no matter how bad it gets, no matter what effort you put into things have fun.

If this means you be a pirate go be a pirate and shoot everybody.
Joining CODE. to learn how to gank? Sure thing.
Building ships for the hell of it? Go for it.

And grab some earplugs when you hit Jita.


Hey there,
I dont know if that’s something I wish I knew on day three, but it’s something I’ve long realized in my many years of Eve (09’ player).
What makes this game special is the community and the social interactions it comes with. Eve is the only real MMO out there. Everything you do and will do is an interaction with others. Might it be industry, solo mining or high sec solo missions, what you do, you’ll do it considering other players (for the profitability / risk of your activity when it’s not a direct interaction).

The flavor of this game is in social interaction. You might spend months, years, learning things on your own, reading guides and watching videos. But none of this will ever match the learning curve you’ll get by joining a corp and getting lessons from other players.

My advice: Don’t linger in high sec by yourself: try out corps. Dont feel ashamed to join a group and leave it 15 days later if you don’t feel any connection with the people there. Go out in the world, join groups of people, and sooner or later, might it be in a highsec mining corp, a lowsec pirate corp, a wormhole group or nullsec big alliance, you’ll find a place where you’ll meet people you wanna play with.
That’s when eve will reward you with its full potential.
By playing in a group you feel good in, with people more experienced than you, you will learn and experience specific gameplay some older player don’t even know about.

Imo there is one major mistake a newbie can do when joining Eve: it’s to linger in highsec trying to figure things out by himself. You might get burned very fast by doing so, although you won’t have experienced a fraction of what the game has to offer.

Also, don’t listen to those who swear by nullsec only. There is plenty of fun to have in wormhole/lowsec/ even high sec, as long as you’re in a group of people who do interesting things.
Null of course is a very nice place to play Eve in, but it’s not the alpha and omega of what Eve has to offer.



Hello and welcome to Eve.

The idea behind the Career Agents is to give new players a good jumpstart into the game with ships, equipment, skills, implants and ISK while learning the basics of the game and it’s User Interface controls.

The idea behind the lv 1 Sisters Of Eve Epic Arc is to give new players time to make more ISK, train up their Core Fitting Skills, become more experienced with game mechanics and User Interface controls as well as decide on which Career Path to engage in before actually heading out into New Eden.

After completing those you’ll have a good starting point to sample all the various opportunities available in Eve.

As for Alpha and Omega Clone status, I highly advise going Omega and just outright buy a yearly subscription. The cost for a yr sub is discounted and by doing that, you can enjoy your game play without worrying about making enough ISK to PLEX your account each month.

Anyway, good luck to you and may you have a long rewarding career here in Eve.


Day 3? I wanted to be able to handle a destroyer. And I tried to figure out what that scanning fuzz is all about. I watched tons of youtube and read blogs and forums, thus I had much to try by myself after learning about a concept.

But funny thing is: After day 30 your weapons are way stronger than after day 3, just because of skills and knowledge. So don’t stay alpha for too long if you want to play seriously, because double speed skilling (omega) is a joy when you’re used to be alpha…

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Lots of good advice in this thread, but here are a few more bits from my side.

Skills: Try to be a bit focused and plan ahead for what you want to do. Glad you heard about the Magic 14, but apply that logic to the rest of your plan. You won’t be able to do everything immediately, so pick one or two general careers or activities and follow those. Get some skills there, then expand once you get good. Try to avoid being a jack of all trades, master of none to the extent that you can.

Goals: EVE is, above all, a journey and things take time. Lots, and lots of time. So, have small, incremental goals for yourself so you always have something to be working towards that is achievable. Getting into that next ship, building a specific module, etc. Small goals are as important as big ones.

Socialize: Meet people, say hello in local, and find out who you are surrounded by. Some will be friends, some will be enemies, but learning who is who and working with that goes a long way. Help people out when you can, and it will come back later. Build and learn about your community.

ISK: This is a big trap people can fall into. Don’t fall into the ISK grinding treadmill. Sure, you might have to do that now and again and that’s fine, but don’t make that the way you constantly play the game. It will turn EVE into a job and you will burn out. Do things you enjoy and generally the ISK will take care of itself.

Fun: This is the priority. All the time, every time. The only reason you are here is to have fun, so that should be prioritized over everything else.

Welcome to EVE!


Obligatory “what to do in EVE”


What I wish I knew on day 3?How to scam people back then I would’ve made a pretty penny off of that had I known

there are many paths things don’t have to be hard, you don’t have to die a lot, although playing it too safe you’ll probably get bored. But you jump in the deep end and try to take on content that’s too hard you’ll probably die a lot and get frustrated.

Many people pick a path and stick with it and then tell everyone else to do that path, and call other paths wrong often using false info to promote their “right way to play.” As a new player I started mission running and I think that’s a pretty decent straightforward path. I thought I acquired SP and Isk at a decent rate to move up when I got bored. That said a lot of people don’t like mission running and think it’s boring. They’d rather go do exploration, and fine with me I find most exploration game play boring.


This is outstanding, thanks!

Fly with people who already do what you hope to one day do (within reason). Don’t get stuck with a group of guys who all do seperate things and use the corp as a social chat. Talk to people, especially ones who are doing something you’re interested in. Some will ignore you, one or two might even try to kill you but there are plenty of folks around who love to spread their playstyle so don’t get disheartened. You seem to have a good attitude for EvE. If you get stuck feel free to drop me an EvE-Mail. I like to hunt and kill things as well as help out the new players.

Fly Safe o/

i only read your post and want to say ists a good plan you have

you can find a new player friendly corp but thate is no need to do so in the beginning … you can do it …

i knew i know your name :wink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=copcuRu81gc


This is kind of what tempted me, getting past these content hurdles and lacklustre ship stats quicker.

To be honest, the expense is kind of a big ask for a game you’re not sure will hold up for that long. However, when I was checking the account page, there was a 50% deal on 3-month Omega upgrades, so I took it. Don’t know if it was because I returned to the game after so long, or if anyone can pick it up. But, if you’re Alpha and unsure reading this, go get it before it’s gone.

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Indeed, When I sub with cash I pretty much always use the 3 month sub. Although at this point I would probably do the 1 year sub if I weren’t plexing my accounts.