Convince me to upgrade to Omega?

I’ve been a “returning player” for the last couple years. I reinstall and never quite go Omega. I enjoy industry and trading - EVE’s economy is what drew me in and made me a subscriber for several years around 2010/11. Nowadays the game seems to have the opposite effect. For example, logging on means I have to click through three or four windows of aggressive upselling before I can even see my ship. It gives me an itchy sense of foreboding that I didn’t used to have.

Unfortunately yet again I haven’t been able to quite cross the Omega threshold.

Omegas: is it still fun?

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You should leave the game and give me your stuff.


Giving you my stuff would cost more effort than simply leaving the game!

And I suppose the fact that you responded to my post in <60 seconds doesn’t bode well for the in-game content :grimacing:


Neither does playing for free.


Suffice to say , experiments the alpha status and you’ll see the worth of the omega .
What would be the point of playing alpha ?
=> Salt/Lachra are right : give … your … stuff … away …

hmm…could that possibly indicate your underlying problem: effort?

I’d venture to guess circumstances vary so widely that it might be difficult to draw such a connection.

Hope you stay, go omega, and find fun OP.

There is certainly enjoyment to be had in this game. I am enjoying it.

You are not new, so you should know you can find things to enjoy in EvE if you look. Not going to try and convince you to “eat the chicken, spit out the bones”.

If you do decide to go, then I wish you the best and hope you will find gaming enjoyment you like.


Who you should be asking to upgrade to Omega, is yourself or your in-game friends, not a bunch of strangers on a forum.

Personally, I have not been fond of some of the recent changes, but some are alright, which are all just subjective preferences. I have strong opinions about changing old content, but that’s a whole other rant. However, a lot of us float between Alpha and Omega as either finances, life, time, or desire permits, and return when we can, and that’s alright.

However, outside the game, I find myself to be in fortunate circumstances despite everything going on, so I bought a bunch of PLEX, donated most to the PLEX For Good campaign and with the leftovers got a little Omega time in. Besides, I was missing my Kronos. <3


First world problems

I have to click 3 or 4 windows before I can play

Saboo - has to walk 3 or 4 miles to get water and fight of lions and man eating elephants just to get water


Lachra, hello there and welcome back after a couple years’ hiatus.

Okay, so I’m speaking as a person who started when there wasn’t a free-to-play Alpha version, but I started with 1 toon back in 2012. Now I have 12 accounts. What makes Eve worth it? Simple:


You’re not forced into linear game play, and game progression is the opposite of most MMOs. In MMOs, you typically have many options early in the game and then very few options for the end game. Even now, after 7 years of game play, I’m still exploring the end game due to the variety. The longer you play, the more you can do and experience.

Only you can decide if that’s what you want out of a game. If it is though, you will not find that anywhere other than Eve Online.


I have never seen more than one window. If you are actually seeing this, post a video, so I can start complaining to CCP about it.

I think one of the biggest problems with Eve is finding content/playstyles which click for you. Like some people get funneled into activities that they don’t enjoy (like mining or missioning), others think that they need a certain amount of SP or money to get into PvP, or that they have to PvE in order to be able to PvP. The truth of the matter is that there are no isk or SP requirements for fun. I have had great fun flying a 15 million isk T1 frigate in PvP, and a boring time isk grinding with 4 bills worth of high-skill, omega-only ships in PvE.

Going Omega might help you find your fun (i.e. if you wanted to go whaling in a stealth bomber), but it’s not necessarily going to make the game fun. So, if you’re still unsure about the game, I suggest concentrating on finding content that clicks with you, and then decide whether or not to go omega depending on whether or not you can find your fun.

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Well you should know yourself, nobody can really answer that other than you.

Play alpha for awhile if you enjoy that then consider omega, just keep in mind that CCP may experiment and ruin your fun if you’re having fun.

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When you upgrade to omega you can make your female chars breasts bigger than as alpha.


About the pilot customization, the other week I purchased from the New Eden Store a very stunning skirt for my lovely and for some reason it will not let her wear just a skirt to match the red high heals she wears.

Why is that we are able to purchase items from the store and not use them outside the customization?

To run around topless like I do, you need to be wearing the torso.

By looking at your portrait, I think you already know this but I’ll go through it anyway.

The character has to be in the same station as the apparel items, then after entering Character Customization and fitting the various items on your character, a new character portrait has to be taken and saved to finalize the changes.

You can’t just fit a skirt and high heels, you also need to fit an Outer, a Mid-Outer or a Top item. If there’s an open Vest or open Jacket in the Outer clothing selections, fit that and then you can create a portrait with the Bra showing if that’s what you’re trying to do.

T2 and T3 ships are a lot of fun, if you like trying out different things outside the mainstream ISK/h discussion.

It’s a question of value and that’s subjective. If you enjoy industry and markets - that part of the game is largely closed to Alphas. If you live in a developed part of the world, cost is unlikely to be a factor - a restaurant lunch likely costs more than a month subscription to Eve. You can use the starter pack with 1 week of Omega to dip your toes back into the water

I also play for the economic simulation and this is an exciting time with major disruption and redistribution. Costs are rising faster than prices, you need to stay alert. There is an expression from my days in private industry: “you don’t need to be good, you just need to be better than your competition” that applies perfectly to the situation industrialists find themselves in today. If this is an environment you would enjoy participating in, come on down!


Why can’t Lily look smexy for me?

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lol, yeah there’s no ‘Hot Pants’ or ‘Mini Skirt’ apparel items available, however the Women’s ‘Sanctity’ Dress is rather short and sexy. Try fitting that with the ‘Hover’ Tights and Heels.

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