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I just enlisted in the Caldari empire and am wondering is it worth upgrading to Omega? What’s the difference between Alpha, and Omega? Thanks I am on free play right now … Just starting out.


For the first few months, the main difference will be training speed (Omega trains skills twice as fast).

After that, Alphas have fairly good access to the military simulation but access to the economic simulation is limited.

More details:

Good luck.


Think of Alphas as “indefinite free trial” and Omegas as “standard subscription” rather than Alphas as “free to play” and Omegas as “premium accounts”.

Alphas are very limited in gameplay, they train skills half as quick as Omegas, can only access tech I ships up to battleships and industrial ships (and cannot access specialised mining ships at all), and are restricted from many tech II modules.

Here’s a more detailed article showing what Alphas can and cannot do

As a new player, the Alpha account is probably good enough for you if you just want to jump into a ship and start shooting at things. If you want to get into serious gameplay and money making however, then an Omega subscription is almost mandatory.


Oh I see… well maybe i might subscribe to it in the future… Right now just testing things out …

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yes, alpha status is good to test the game, to see if you like it, and to test different activities in game.

after that, my advices for a beginner: don’t ask/search for the “best isk/h activity”. This is a game, not a job. Find what you like.
And join a newbie-friendly corp to learn the basics

I’d recommend that you try to focus on small ship (frigates and destroyers) until you run out of things to train, then medium ships (cruisers followed by battlecruisers), and lastly large ships (battleships).

The reason being training time, and fun factor. As you move into larger ships, the training time increases significantly. Large ships and weapons are a huge training time sink.

I have an older Alpha account, and it passed the 5 million skill-point limit quite a while ago. It is now well beyond that limit at 6.23 million skill-points, from CCP bonuses and some daily ‘Opportunities’, and I just trained two levels of battleship yesterday for the first time, but I don’t have any skills for large weapons yet. I started to train the battleship simply because had pretty much run out of other things of interest to train.

That’s exactly what it is, test it out for free and if you feel the game is your type… Subscribe!

You can also look at the recruitment channel and on the site here and find a Nullsec Corp to join that is Noob Friendly. There are several out there and they’ll show you the ropes and help you maximise your time as an Alpha Clone.

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