About Omega subscription

Like as the title says .What can I expect from being an Omega subscriber,i have looked at main page but doesn’t say much.

This page explains it all. There are many benefits, the main ones being your skills train faster, you have access to all skills (and ships, even cross-race), your skill queue can be of unlimited length, and you are able to have multiple Eve clients running at once. Hope that helps!


Thanks and much appreciated for the link. I will check it out.


The biggest two items that you get access to are the double training speed, and the access to all ships.

Unlike other MMO games where you have to be logged in and active to gain xp and level up, EVE lets you accumulate skillpoints and level up your skills even if you’re offline. It just takes a certain amount of real time that must pass. Some skills unlock new ships for you, or new weapons, or new industry and commerce capabilities, while other skills make all your ships perform 5-20% better. So, skills ARE equivalent to XP and levels, and it’s pretty important to players to “level up” and unlock things at a decently fast pace.

And, of course, the ships are the tools that you use to function; they are the equivalent of “classes” in other MMO games: if you want to tank, you jump in a tanky ship, if you want to DPS, heal (remote repairs), crowd control (electronic jamming), stealth (cloak), etc., you jump into the appropriate ship and can do it. All these different “classes” can be unlocked on a single character, so your EVE character is more like an account-full of mages, fighters, druids, rogues in other games. Anyway, unlocking different ships and having the option to perform different roles is pretty important. Alphas are restricted to some of the basic roles, Omegas get full access to the specialized Tech 2 and Tech 3 ships that can do things much better than the basic Tech 1 ships can.

Another consideration is that Omega essentially unlocks the industrial side of the game. If you prefer to make stuff for others to blow up, options are quite limited with the Alpha skillset.

And to all who consider updating to Omega (pity it has to be a new account), there are ways to obtain some starting help: Buddy invites