Omega Addition Suggestion

My suggestion would be to have two levels of Omega.
-Top tier: Omega would remain as it is now with skill training speed boost, access to all skills, ships, and modules.
-Basic Omega: allows access to all ships, modules, and skills but without boosted skill training speed.

This would make the game more accessible to players who are willing to pay for the full EVE experience but are not able to play regularly enough to warrant paying full price for Omega.

I have played EVE off and on for several years, mostly as an Alpha but occasionally Omega when I find I have a bit more time to dedicate to the content.

Second suggestion: a way to submit suggestions from in game.

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wow that would be cool.

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There was a time where every player in EVE online was equal. It was a better time. I wish to return to this time. But should only subscribers be allowed to play or should the game be free and open to anyone? That is the question imo :stuck_out_tongue:

That time when “everyone was equal” had a $15 a month fee attached to it.

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OP I will ask you. Why not just buy the 3 month or the 6 month omega time packs? Get +5 implants have your skill queue going and by the time you do have more hrs to play EVE you will have a good number of IV/V skills?

3 months is 15.99$ USD a month and 6 is 14.99$ USD a month. Goes even lower for 1 year/2 year.

Many streaming services do offer year packs etc.

When I do bring up the inconvenient point that by stating the fact that CCP lowered prices if you buy more omega time in bulk people just shudder in their chairs, I guess…

Give more money to CCP at once!? I would never! BUT I would rather give CCP more money PER month and defeating the original principle. :sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: - Thought process of Some during the huge price hike thread.

Some people would go - “I would never give CCP 149$ USD at one time!! But I would rather burn 5$ a month knowing I can cancel the omega status any given month!?” :joy: The math and logic astounds me sometimes.

My point is to buy bulk omega time. Have your skill queue going and then you will be so much ahead. No need to waste ISK on injectors or boosters!

If you can’t afford bulk time. Save up the money first then. Don’t burn 5$ USD a month to CCP… Be smart about it.

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the good old days, however it does suck when you can’t afford your monthly sub and grinding for it is like a full time job.

I once made a suggestion that instead of expert skills, we should have something akin to your monthly subscription should be calculated based on how long you have been omega in the game for.

A dynamic plex pricing system, CCP can’t confirm your real life financial situation, however can completely lower the cost if you’re a repeat and returning customer. imho.

I’m sure theres a way for them to lower the price for long standing players while still turning a profit.

I did that back when a sub was only 250-500 mil and it was painful even then. I’d rather work an extra hour of overtime to pay for the sub than spend hours in game grinding the isk.

and almost 60 thousand online players daily. How can this be. The game costed $15 per month? But lots of people played it? How is that possible

its good if you have employment.

Its not so much about having skills trained as being locked out of certain content such as ships and modules. There are relatively few skills needed to specialize in and have fun with small ships. I do enjoy my time as an Alpha and occasionally upgrade to Omega to experience a deeper aspect of the game. In this way I’ve nearly trained all possible Alpha skills besides some Omega skills for content I enjoy.

Having a more attainable Subscription for players may actually help encourage activation of full Omega in order to train into higher skill required content such as to fly capital ships if they don’t want to wait the time required for those longer skills to train.

I do enjoy the challenge of playing to earn my sub, but is not really feasible at the level of play I mange, or for the time I can commit. :slight_smile:

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but then you don’t have time to properly play this game :rofl:

There used to be a weekend omega offer, where you got omega for 2 days for lower price I think it was 8$ ? Not sure now. But I can’t find it now on EVE webpage, I guess there wasn’t demand for this offer lol.


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They have an event going on like this right now, 10 days for 10 PLEX. (A really good deal when considering PLEX/day value) it would be interesting to explore this further… perhaps another idea would be to make:

Another Idea:
3 day subscription available through the NES market at all times.

  • eg. 3 day subscription for 50 PLEX


Original Idea:

  • 500 PLEX for 30 days OMEGA (same as it is now)
    and new option
  • 350 PLEX for 30 days Basic OMEGA (without training boost / training same speed as Alpha and access to all ships and modules)

I just heard a content creator mention they are capable of giving away weekend subscriptions (3 days of omega + 50 PLEX) Why is this something not already available via NES (subscription without PLEX) or online marketplace for the general consumer?

Because they make specific deals for CCs only

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CCP is doing the 10 days for 10 plex Omega deal atm.

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if you want omega status but dont need the skill points, you can sell the sp and buy omega with plex. i have not done the math recently, but with a proper remap and +5 implants selling the extractors should substitute a good chunk of the plex costs

i can fully understand that some ppl wont pay 20.- or more when they have only very limited time, therefore it would be nice to have more subscription options

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That’s a good idea, I ran the math a few years ago and it didn’t pan out. I’ll look into this as an option again. Discounts by purchasing multiple months at a time may make it worth while again if I can work up to or buy the initial subscription cost.