Make omega cheaper

Simple suggestion here, just make omega subs back to what they used to be - the high cost of omega has 2 negative effects:

because less people want to pay the high price of monthly sub, less people are paying irl money so buy plex ingame, people who want to make isk ingame for plex to sub are having to sink so much time into the game due to the high cost of plex that it turns into a second job, thus making it not fun to play, thus reducing players.

people who dont mind paying irl moneys for subs are having to pay way more than any other monthly subscription for an mmo and way more than it used to be, thus reducing the amount of people paying it, thus reducing players.

The end result is a whole load of players leaving the game, as they either pay too much irl moneys (theres a cost of living crisis ffs), or they have to grind and grind like hell in game to pay for a sub

just make it cheaper, more people will pay irl money to sub… proft.

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Players have been leaving since way before the price hike. Player count didn’t go up when sub was 14.99 so reverting the hike won’t do much.
Players have left for so many reasons ( because CCP botched so many things ) that now it’s very difficult to pinpoint a cause and fix it.
They should not have botched a game as old as EVE, they should’ve left it alone, kept their hands in their pockets and watched the $$$$ come in but they had to have moar so they messed with it and messed it all up.

Player count was driven by alts anyway. 40 account mining fleets, 10 account ratting ishtar farms, 100 account SP farms.

EVE is done, CCP are just trying to squeeze the maximum monetization before the player count drops below criticality

… and bots

I don’t know if it’s done, I’m not going to pretend I know more than I do. Don’t know if they’re losing money, don’t know if PA is pissed, don’t know what the investors feel…

I just log in when I feel like a little pew-pew. Reprocess/sell the loot and buy more ammo for more pew-pew. If it goes under I’ll find another game for pew-pew, if not then I’ll continue to log in and do whatever I want just as if I was playing a Sandbox.

i thought the same and wanted to create a topic. first thing omega has to be cheaper again like back then, and also it should cost different from country to country. also the ingame shop. i mean i know they wont change it, they make too much money out of it. but this is cancer to the game. plex etc. should be illegal

Citation please. Sounds like more casual salt.

Casual confirmed

Nothing wrong with that. It’s a Sandbox, remember?

I haven’t spent enough on this game to have salt. Nice try.

Let’s be honest here. If you can’t afford $20 USD for an Omega subscription, there are probably better things you need to be doing with your life than playing online video games…


That wouldn’t work, either. All you’d have to do is use a VPN to show you are connecting from, say, Nigeria, and pay like 37 cents for an Omega sub…

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I always used to say this to people who would grind for plex. I’d ask what they earned per/h and why 1/2 hours over-time was worth more to them than grinding 40 hour weeks mining in an osprey.

People are weird.

You might say i decided to leave because of (if you must use real money) about $5. By which point I had sunk thousands into eve (through subs) and CCP wanted to nickel and dime me over 5? Yeah, yeah no, that’s not a good faith position.

So I will try to be kind.

You are the very reason why the game has gone the way it has. Casual non invested cattle grazing on the lowest level of content and expecting their entitlement to be pandered to. You are the water boatman skimming on the surface.

Meanwhile, the rest of us, you know the ones who spend their time in game building content for others … yes we have to listen to your whining and are expected to treat you as anything other than a parasite?

Sorry to put it in these terms, but your opinion is worth as much as your investment in the game.

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The price raise is totally understandable…
It hasn’t changed in the entire history of eve EVER.
Theres this thing called inflation thats at 8% a year of course they have to adjust prices!!!
Look at the stats minimum wage 2002 when eve started was lower than now wich meant money had more value. now money has less “purchasing power” and the prices increase.

Stop this stupid discussion…

Really? You are being kind, way too kind. I’m even better than what you descibe. “Non-invested”? Riiight, it’s not even on my mind 80% of my day. “Castle grazing”? Even that is too much, a blank wall would be ideal but I do like to look at things on a flatscreen.
“Lowest level of content”? My dear, once you’ve reach the level of contentment I have you won’t have the urge to make such brainless cringy posts.
“Entitlement”? Haha!! I don’t need or want for anything, hence that “contentment” you just contradicted yourself with.

I’ve smelled the bottom and it sticks to high-heaven so yes, boats, surfaces and let’s not forget lots of wind.

No I don’t know and to tell you the truth you’d be red like a tomato if you understood how much I didn’t care about your “us”. *who tf are you anyway??

You don’t have to read anything I post.
FYI YOU replied to ME… or are you, like most of you deluded poor saps, short on memory?

Who expects you to treat me…? Who is that SOB who said " Hey, treat Gallentia blahblah…"? Where is he? Is that you Gix? :grin:

No, you’re supposed to get tf outta here and get over your mental problems.


Impressive display of the reason why casuals should be ignored.

I get it, @ISD_Traindriver
You guys don’t want me on this forum. Sorry, my filter is kinda broken. The brainwash didn’t stick, I’m stubborn that way.
No worries. I’m leaving.

No? You do appear to be quite obsessed with me tho.

Also you’ve already admitted to being an alpha. So yes, your opinion doesn’t count :smiley:

LOL, at the dry snitching.

You’ll just be posting with your other alts silly :smiley:

This is another reason I decided CCP don’t deserve my money.

Why is this post hidden? No reason I can see…

Me who can’t work because I’m to young

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