Suggestion: Make Cheaper Omega Passes

Objective of this is to encourage new Alpha player retention, continuous interest in Omega content by casual Alpha players and to boost overall server population and player content.

Currently there is already an equivalent 7 day Omega pass in Steam Store. So this isn’t something new or revolutionary. So why isn’t this same option in the New Eden Store. Why can’t we buy 7 day Omega passes with PLEX?

New Alpha players has a high barrier of entry into Omega due to the current 500 PLEX needed for a 30 days subscription. Current market prices is about 1.7bil isk for 30 days of Omega. While this wasnt a problem before when a 30 day sub can be had for less than 1bil isks, currently it is quite hard for Alpha players with limited skillsets to build up their isks for a sub. Of course it isn’t impossible, it’s just takes a lot of effort, time, and luck.

As a result, most Alpha players that get bored being stuck at 5m SP cap and grinding with limited equipment. Also being restricted from other content and high market taxes. It is harder to make isk and the grind slowly bore them into leaving the game, not being able to ‘enjoy’ the content EVE has to offer.

Suggestion to make it cheaper to sub by breaking down the sub into 30 days, 10 days & 7 days.

30 days = 500 PLEX
10 days = 200 PLEX
7 days = 150 PLEX

It is not equal division and it is definitely more worth it to sub 30 days for 500 PLEX. However, although it is more expensive days/PLEX, it is faster and affordable to access Omega content.


  1. New Alpha players gets content faster and cheaper. Being an Omega allows them to play at full potential. Also being an Omega allows them the potential to make isks easier, hence the increased probability of continuous sub with PLEX.

  2. Retention of Alpha players would improved as they are less bored due to limitations of Alpha. Also it is pressure off their shoulders to earn for 500 PLEX. Trying to earn 1.7bil in 30days, is harder for new Alpha players. While 700mil for 10days don’t sound too bad. Boredom and frustration due to limitations of Alpha vs Omega affects all Alpha players.

  3. Casual veteran players in Alpha are more likely to sub in for 7 or 10 days, due to their real life commitments. A weekend of roaming might entice them to drop some PLEX for 7day Omega pass to use their favourite ships during a roam and fight at full potential. This can encourage casual veterans staying around in Alpha clones to sub once in a while.

  4. More ‘micro’ PLEX usage that can increased sales and demand of PLEX. Which would result in more PLEX sales for CCP. The slightly more expensive subs is also good for total sales. It is easier to sell small amounts for higher prices than large amount at discounted prices.

  5. Although not Omega, but perhaps MCT passes can also be broken down into smaller packages. For example, an Omega players might want to train the New Precursor frig for his alt, he can buy a 7day MCT pass and use the 7 days to train up the frig or mods.

Although it doesn’t guarantee Alpha will remain subbed to Omega for long term, it will at least encourage more Omega tryouts sooner before a new Alpha player gets burn out trying to get enough isks for 500 PLEX.

Casual players are more likely to sub for short term Omega due to real life commitments. As it ‘wasn’t worth 500 PLEX’ for 30 days that is hardly played, a casual will more likely sub for 7 or 10 days during the holidays, weekends, low peak periods, etc.

Possible cons;

Potential exploits includes standby Capital, Industry, Trading etc. Alts has a cheaper entry during time critical operations. However I think most of these guys can afford 1.7bil whenever they need to but it is now possible for smaller corps or lone multiboxers.

Potential increase in demand can inflate PLEX prices that will render this exercise pointless. As PLEX becomes more expensive in the future, it might even be cost prohibitive to afford a 7 day pass. This can be curtailed by increasing supply of PLEX sellers by making PLEX cheaper in CCP store. Or we can just allow market forces to stabilize over time which might be too late as surge in prices can make too many newbros leave in the mean time.

So is there some hidden danger of selling 7 day or 10 day Omega passes at the New Eden Store?


Not a bad idea they maybe some merit to what you say. CCP do have plex packages already in the NES store that would quite happily fit in with your idea, if they were to implement it. As for plex surges im not a market guru someone else would be better able to answer that question.


So you intend to reduce the grind by getting player hooked an PLEX earlier what in turn will lead to more grind to keep the account PLEXed?

If you add a PLEX sink without increasing PLEX supply the relative value of ISK will drop. As a result those who PLEX their accounts will need to grind more.

Even when we ignore the fact that if all players would become freeloaders CCP would go bankrupt, your idea doesn’t sound as it would solve any problem.

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Or pay for an account and use the ISK you gain in the game to buy other ships/things (but not skins… I hate skins)


Because it would be too easily abused with capital, cyno, and cloaky alts being significantly cheaper to use, since you can just leave them as an Alpha and turn them Omega for very cheap for a brief duration.


The intention is to get a new Alpha player experience Omega content earlier. Currently F2P players on Alpha accounts are grinding with limited ships, skills, and ships. They have a Omega fee of 1.7bil to achieve before they can actually experience the real EVE content.

By lowering the content ‘ticket’ to 500+ mil for a shorter term experience, they not only train skills 2x faster, they will have access to T2 equipment they can use for their normal grind that would speed things up for them for their next ticket. This new experience can ‘entice’ them to stay longer, and the new world of T2 equipment and ships become available to use, the game might not be as ‘grindy’ as before anymore. While this may not ultimately make them stay for long term, at least these Alpha players know what Omega feels like and what other content they were initially locked out of. It can be a goal for them to stay Omega, or get into Omega once in a while.

CCP is earning more dollars/month from selling PLEX for an account than actual subscriptions. Because the PLEX for 1 month subs is so much more expensive, as long as there are players willing to fork out real $ to sell the PLEX for isk, PLEX supply should stay abundant. I mean you can actually buy 15400 PLEX from Steam Store for USD500. Who buys these stuff other than PLEX sellers, right? I think even during Steam sale, PLEX will be discounted as well. People who pay for subs only need pay USD131 per year. While PLEX sellers can easily earn them USD 500 in Steam Store. No one would buy that amount of PLEX if it didn’t have a demand in-game.

So, I don’t think CCP will go bankrupt if everyone becomes a freeloader or the amount of freeloaders increases. They earn more if everyone subs through PLEX, and as long as there are players who are willing to supply PLEX for isk.

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Yes, you are absolutely correct. I have thought about it as well as a possible ‘exploit’. It’s not like it isn’t already done at the moment, it is just that currently, their ‘ticket’ of entry is much more expensive to activate during an emergency. By making it cheaper, does it reduce content though? Or does it make it more likely to have more standby Super-caps players on Alpha. I mean these guys are already rich with Supercaps and what not. 1.7bil isk is small change for them already I believe. But I do agree it will make it cheaper for them to practice this.

Lots of players don’t ‘Pay’ to play. Trying to convince them to do so is just a waste of your time and breath. It is either due to their personal circumstances or desire to ‘play for free’.

My suggestion is how to keep these players playing for long term, hence keeping the servers populated and everyone happy with ‘content’ in the game. Don’t forget, a big part of the server population are Alpha players. Keeping them interested is important for the survival of EVE. You can try convincing them to ‘pay’ USD for the game. While I am trying to convince them to ‘pay’ with PLEX by making it cheaper to access Omega.

Be careful what you wish for. I think if they tried shorter durations of pay-as-you-go, which is extremely unlikely, the Marketing department would price it something like this:

30 days - 15
7 days - 9
3 days - 6 (Weekend Warrior Special rate!)

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Market determines the price of the plex, not CCP. So while one point in time it was less than a bil to plex your account, now its almost 2.

You’re idea stinks mainly because you want alphas to be entitled to something that for the past 12-13 years everybody had (no choice) but to pay to be able to play EVE.

And while yes Alphas do have a soft cap of 5 mil SP, Alphas in all actuality have a cap of 20 mil SP, and the injectors for that isn’t really that expensive either.

stop being cheapasses, pay CCP directly for the sub or stay alpha and grind up to 20 mil. oh, and there are some T2 mods (not ships) that alpha’s can use.

Player retention for new or veteran players usally has nothing to do with price. The options currently available are more then fair for all types of players.

This game has a niche, and players that stay like that niche. To retain more new players they would have to move away from that niche. It could work but become a different game, and most likely flop terribly and ruin the game.

One example would be to add a queue for pvp players to quickly join a battle instead of hunting, gate camping etc. What would we need the giant sand box for then if they went that way? The thrill of the hunt would be gone.

The game is what it is, with an over saturated game market I think Eve is actually doing well. Many complain that PvP is dying and CCP is not doing enough to change it. PvP content is really made by players, fewer numbers will effect that. Pve content is what companies can create, with the options for PvP to take place. Up to players to PvP from that point.

I am not asking for entitlement, I am merely suggesting a ‘cheaper’ way to play. And it isn’t only for Alpha, but for current Omega pilots as well who has alts. I don’t understand why you think it ‘stinks’ because you feel Alpha is getting something like a ‘chance’ to be an Omega player. Why are you against it? Wouldn’t everyone be happier if more Alpha actually became Omega and continue to do so? Giving them a taste of Omega would likely let them play the game more ‘enjoyably’ and make them more likely to stay longer. Increasing server population to keep the game alive longer should be a path to continued success right?

SP Injectors aren’t that expensive but Injectors only make ‘training’ bearable/faster. It doesn’t grant you Heavy Drone ‘level 5’ because you aren’t allowed to train it as an Alpha. You are allowed to only inject it to Level 3.

There are a lot of skills that are ‘capped’ at level 3 or at level 4. And even if you can train Gallente Drone Specialization to 2, you still can’t use T2 Hammerheads because of item restrictions as an Alpha player. Not to mention, all T2 ships are restricted. Yes, some T2 mods can be used, but not the full potential of it.

I mentioned in a reply above, but there are a lot of F2P players that just don’t ‘believe’ in spending real cash for a game. CCP already allows them to pay via ingame PLEX. I am mere asking it to also allow short duration passes. You can already pay for 7 game time day pass on Steam Store will real money. So the concept isn’t new, it’s just not implemented for the NES store to pay with PLEX for 7 day passes. Steam Store sells ‘7 day Omega’ for USD 7 by the way.

CCP already sells 7 day Omega for USD7 in the Steam Store. This isn’t a new concept. I’m just asking for a PLEX derivative of the product to allow more F2P Alpha players to experience Omega quicker.

No problem supporting this but rather something more like this…

30 Days = 500 PLEX
20 Days = 350 PLEX
10 Days = 200 PLEX
3 Days = 75 PLEX
1 Day = 30 PLEX

The Alpha free unlimited trial is just a F2P account with limited skills/potential similar to many other MMO games trying to keep its population up. Without Alpha, F2P players won’t be in this game and they are financing their Omega strictly with PLEX they buy from other players.

I am suggesting to make it easier for more F2P Alpha players, especially those that don’t have as much time to grind 1.7bil before they get bored and leave. We can let them experience what Omega is like. Let them feel T2 ships, Medium and Heavy T2 drones. Fly with Stealth, etc. Who knows, maybe a sudden expansion of what they can do in game will entice them to stay on to grind for Omega. A lower price ‘ticket’ to Omega even for a shorter duration can help an Alpha decide. With Omega, the potential to earn Isk also increases. And as a result, can let them keep playing with PLEX.

Also don’t forget veteran EVE players also still in game but can’t be arsed to pay a sub for 30 days, when they can only play during weekends. Or why bother spending 1.7bil for 30 days of PLEX when I can only play on weekends. A cheaper entry into Omega for a weekend of fun will seem more viable to them.



So if a F2P player got a 3 day omega/ weekend pass how much are they really going to get trained up to experience these cool T2 ships and mods?

This also sounds a lot like an option to pause a paid account when it is convenient. That is not a good way to do business. As I said before the options for both alpha and omega to pay for their game play are fair just as they are.

Again player retention has nothing to do with money.


I think you have that backwards. Pausing would be when you have already paid and you “press a button” to temporally lose the benefits of Omega in exchange for deferring that Omega time to a later date. I wouldn’t support that as there is not added cost for doing it.

If I have an account that I want to bring online as Omega temporarily, why not have that as an option? I’d have to pay a premium for that service of course…and having flexible services/payment option is a good way to do business.

No. I said it sounds a lot like a pause option, not that it is.

If you could buy just a 3 day pass then many would never pay for the standard 30 day sub. They would just pay for the days they want to play. That is very close to having a 30 day sub with a pause option, and yes that is a bad business idea.

…but I/most don’t pay now so. All this means is that I’d do more with more accounts (spend more PLEX) at a premium rate rather than not use those accounts.