To be or not to be

I have been playing EvE for two months. At first the game looks very confusing but soon you adopt to environment and learn quick. The game is great, it gives you big freedom and lots of choices for tour career.
But the major problem of the game is PvP. If a new player wants to be just a little competitive he need to play at least a year. I wanted to upgrade to omega. But latter i thought to myself. Why?
Why would i upgrade to omega if i cant to anything in space? I can fight NPC-s with alpha account. Just logon few times a week and after a year when i skill up i can upgrade to omega.
But year from now what will be with the game? Because in this game concept majority of players can upgrade to omega without paying with real money. The economy of the game is not very bright. I read that the creating studio was both by another company. So if there is no a steady flow of new players (like me) willing to pay for omega the game might be shot down. And resources diverted to other projects.
Developers need to find a way to attract new players and keep them in the game.
There should be a possibility for new players to battle each other in PvP.
For example in Faction warfare there are sites who are restricted to ship classes. But this is not a simulation! The main focus in not on ships but on character. This is space RPG.
Some sites should be restricted to skill levels. Or number of skill points. For example a player with less than 2 mill. skills can enter a certain site in FW.

I like the game. I wont quit. But why would i upgrade to omega?
And no. I dont want to join a some corporation so i can have better chances in PvP.


You can pvp in any ship whether you are skilled or not. Thats how you learn the ways of the game. Also dying a lot will get you over the ‘rage-quit’ attitide some people have when they lose ships in pvp.

Then, as your skills get better, you will already know many of the tricks to make you a great pvp pilot

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Skill Points does not make a pilot “elite”; experience does and that is not something that you can get from one moment to the next but its something you learn as you play the game and make mistakes. A 1 hour old character can in theory, just as easy, kill another player as any veteran player can.

It’s much more of picking fights that you have a chance to win rather than just simply engage in every fight you come across.


Mate, ya ain’t supposed to compete with the older guys. Ya’rr bein’ clueless about the game, and there’s no ■■■■■■■ way ya’d be in any way competitive in the first months even if ya had all skills at V.

Ya got ya own generation to fight with. What’d ya do in real life when ya start somethin’? Do ya complain about how the older guys have more experience, knowledge and understanding than ya little noob? Nah. You train and learn.

Ye’r on the completely wrong track thinkin’ how this game works.


No. In simulations like DCS, IL2, RoF… you learn as you play. You get real experience as you progress and you apply it.
Here you have ingame experience that effects your abilities in the game.
Skill points effect the attributes of weapons, shields, armor… Simply, you damage is bigger because you have more skill points.
Its OK. It is RPG. But it is very unfriendly to new players and it is obvious. It is a problem that should be solved if you want new players.
Look i have only played for 2 months. The game can be shot down and no big deal for me. But what about people playing EvE for 10 years? Who will lose more?

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Yes, but is a game and not a real life. You do know that?
And in this real life if people dont pay for the game there will be no game.

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I’ve been playing for 9-10 years and I’m 90% sure you’d be able to best me in PvP regardless of which class of ship we’d be fighting in.

That’s potential damage, applying it successfully is where the experience comes in.

SP is useless if you don’t know how to use it.

Relevant reading material.

ShahFluffers wrote:

This topic comes up so often it is unreal. So I have finally decided to post it here in the hopes that it might clarify some things for newbies.

The Skillpoint system is daunting. Even for a veteran that has been playing since 2009 its design both annoys and pleases me.
But if you look at the details of it and their implications, you have to admit to its genius… and how newbie friendly and comprehensive it is compared to other, more traditional, XP systems.

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As mentioned, it’s knowledge of the game and the tools at your disposal that give you the most power.

You can now fit decent pvp frigates pretty much out the box. And i have an alpha ive trained from scratch for solo pvp.

I die a lot, but I’m far from the best pvp’er. But I’ve scored some good kills too. Against older and better equipped players.

The key is the way that eve pvp combat/fitting works. Maximising your power one area also makes you more vulnerable in another. So even an experienced and high sp player will be using a fit that has some kind of weakness that even a low sp player can exploit. 90% of eve solo pvp is knowing the strengths of your fit vs the weaknesses of your opponent. What you can realistically engage vs what you should retreat from.

Alphas can use BS with Faction weapons and other T2 mods. More than enough to do everything up to and including Level IVs… with ease. T2 weapons on smaller ships.

You can easily get your alpha up to 20m sp. 50M for daily injectors? that’s like 1.5 level IV’s in bounties/loot.

You can even run Incursions.

Also, $15… rly?

The point of my comment was not to implicate changing the mechanics of the game. My comment was that the game is very unfriendly regarding new players PvP. Not just because other players are more experienced as eve players but also because they have more ingame experience that makes them more powerful even on identical ships and fits.
I have pointed out that it would be good if there was a way for new players to come across each other and PvP. A place that would protect them from other more experienced players.
For example in FW there are more player non/militia that roam novice sites. Players that have been playing this game for more than 10 years.

I think eve has lost a lot of new player friendly pvp. It’s been nerfed a lot in the name of player retention. But that’s carebear retention, not new pvp player retention.

And you’re right about fw. Even in novice sites you find few noobs and faction frigates more often than not. It’s not what i would have recommended as a starting place/entry level pvp when eve was in it’s golden age, but it’s probably the best place now.

Even if fw wasn’t that high a barrier though, your best shot in this game is always under the wings of more experienced players. Not only can they soften the blow of your losses by replacing your ships or setting you up with a good income, there will be times you lose a fight and don’t know why or spend long amounts of time looking for a fight one way without realising it could be easier and faster another. When experience is power, foregoing that experience is playing a complex game on max difficulty.

Making isk is not the problem. Especially in FW. If one is careful he will never be jumped. Defending sites and staying safe is not a problem in FW, even conquering sites is not hard for new players. Again if you are careful you wont be caught.
But if you want to stay and fight it is very hard for a new player.

As in life, there are worse things in Eve than dying. Die often and get over it. Go to null in your shitty T1 frig and press F1 at the first thing you see. When you die, rinse and repeat.

We need more Leeroys in Eve. Be a Leeroy. At least you’ll have chicken.

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ah yes another one of these.

“im new and cant do anything because i have to wait years to get skills to do what i want”

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I have pointed out a chronicle problem of eve. I presume you think, “this was going on for years and eve still exists”. But actually somebody both eve for lot of money. And they wont just sit around and look at their money go to waist. They need new players and they need to keep new players. Majority of old players dont have to buy plex. They dont need to pay to have omega. Game is dependent on new players willing to pay. We live in capitalist world. The game needs constant economic growth.
Look guys and girls. You will lose lot more than new players.

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yes new players thinking EVE is a sprint when it’s not, it’s a marathon.

to gain access to skills and train faster.

why play an MMO when you want a single player experience ?

To Be or not to be? that is totally on you, why would you need anyone to tell you to sub or not, play or not, if you like the game as you claim you do, then this post was a waste of time, or just a rant/whine.

if you like it sub, if you don’t like it, don’t!

it’s that simple.

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Yes, it’s a game that mimics the real life, with a degree of freedom ya ain’t gettin’ anywhere else, not the softened bitch pseudo happy land all the other games put you in. If ya can’t get that, or dig that, then see yerself out. EVE ain’t made for softies or people with existential crisis. Go play somethin’ else if ya ain’t happy.

Yer a noob. Ya don’t get to play with the big boys until ya’ve grown up. If ya can’t accept yer insignificance then by all means, there’s lots of games out there that love having short willied people around.

Off course i wont quit. I am not the type. I will laugh when they dramatically change the game. And they will change it. Because that is how real life works.

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I didn’t get this part. What exactly you cannot do in space if you Omega. Looking at the whole post this is something you already can being Alpha?

Please elaborate.