To be or not to be

You’ll have a long wait, people have been using the same kind of arguments for change for 15 years and counting; it still hasn’t happened.

Yes. But the CCP and eve were sold. And now there is a new owner. You do know how economy works? For the past two months i saw the same numbers in tranquility. The majority of players i see in space are older players. The majority of players in rookie help are also older players.

Older community has to be more flexible for changes to the game. Changes that will attract new players.
I see a lot of negative comments because i said that there should be some ways for new players to come a cross each other and PvP. There is a big group of older players in Eve that roam space and attack new players. They feel threaten by such ideas.

I will say again. Eve could have remained the same for 10 more years if they were not sold. But now there is a new financial moment. And i feel many will dislike it. But they will get over it. And new players will rejoice.

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do you not get tired of making alts to talk bollox on the forums?


I have no idea what you just said.

Oh good its not just me that is thinking this.


Don’t you know that Eve is dying since 2003?

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Yes, but old players are the biggest obstacle!

Aloooo stupido, wake up, this is computer GAME which should be fun and attract players, not RL !!!

With the introduction of skill injectors. Your issue is a non-issue.

Also, new players always overvalue skill points. They think they will not have a chance unless they have full lvl 5 skills in everything. Getting lvl 4 in most relevant skills does not take long. While those lvl 5 skills will help in some fight with equal ships and equal pilot skills, most fights in this game does not happen in such a “vacuum”.

So skills actually have a much lesser effect, while game knowledge has a much bigger influence on getting kills. Several solo pilots have made videos on solo roams on alpha accounts. Know your engagement profile and how to pilot your ship. Eventually you will learn how to get kills.

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Yes i know. And i hope it wont die because i started to play and i like it.
But you dont seam to realize the difference between, before October 12 2018 and after October 12 2018.


It does take long for average player to become competitive in PvP.
Look. I am not saying the game mechanics should be changed so that new players can be better in PvP. I am saying there should be something done for new players to face each other in PvP and progress that way.
I am simulation fan. I love airplanes. And i play airplane simulations. Patients is not the problem. It takes months just to learn how to take off and land in IL/2 for example. And i am not talking about learning how to dogfight. Or how to start up and operate MiG/21 in DCS.
EvE should remain pretty much the same when it comes to time progression. But it needs to be rewarding to new players, especially when it comes to PvP.

If you want change, then you should push CCP to finally overhaul/rebalance FW.

It used to be a decent place for newbies to learn the ropes of PvP, as well as a good place for solo/small gank. It has been neglected and seems to be a shadow of its former self.

But then again, we’ve been asking CCP to take a look at their mangled creation FW for a long time now. Doesn’t really look like they care.


look its easy … hundrets befor you did … so … do it or dont do it
you dont need to subscribe now to play … you can play as alpha and be the red guy in any killmail or you subscribe and skill up like all the others befor

if you like the game enjoy it full and pay or plex

btw. i saw a 3 days char in a rattlesnake the other day … so skillpoints dont mean anything … this guy was red in the killmail so he didnt know how to use it and he didnt know how to fit it … you need way more then a few skillpoints to can compete in EVE


“Been playin’ for 2 months, know better than those pesky bitter vets” :popcorn:

Quit, now. Not even trying to be mean but if that’s your attitude you have failed already.

I wonder what CCP Falcon did to extract this much salt from LSG.


Not forum banning quick enough.

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No more than the rest of us.

Keep thinking it should have been MSG.