Pilot skill and knowledge of game mechanics > number of enemy pilots


Once you start playing the game, you are already behind everyone else who has ever started before you and is still playing. This is in terms of isk, skill points or simply playing experience.

Nothing happened to that idea(l). If that is how you want to play, there is nothing stopping you from still doing so. There is even an argument that this is the best way to play. Me? I choose to fly solo instead. That puts me at a potential “disadvantage”, but I kind of like doing it for that very reason.

This is only true if you are mining, fighting or scouting at the same time and/or in the same volume of space. Otherwise, who cares if someone can do it quicker, better or more lucratively than you? There will be some who are better than you whether they are multi-boxing or not. As in life, so in EvE. Life is not fair, neither is EvE.

However. You are not a victim, neither does EvE or its game mechanics make you one.


Not at all. There are plenty of people that just have the one account and they play fine.

Some activities/playstyles favour having alts (eg. wormhole living), but there are many that don’t require that at all (eg. Exploration, pvp, missions).

People can get on just fine with one account.


You are correct. Its unfortunate, but to be able to fully function you need a bunch of alts. At minimum you need alts for HS and LS/NS/Wh. Cyno and scan alts help out quite a lot, and if you are out in the boonies, you need to be able to haul your own stuff to and from the markets. Just can’t trust corps in this game.

And you are also correct that this leads to botting. Multiboxing then AFK multiboxing, then full blown botting.

Normally most games just perma ban multiboxers just like bots, but not here, best argument I keep hearing for that is “cuz zandbox…”


So, basically, your main character (eg for HS) and the two alts that come with it as standard (eg for LS/NS and hauling)?

I fail to see how that then leads to multiboxing - as an absolute progression - never mind to botting. Please explain.

You can usually PLEX alternate accounts with SP extraction.

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Speaking as someone playing only one char … it’s a nice challenge, and the limits keep meaning to accomplishments in the game for me. Also in some aspects it’s easier/healthier to play, you can focus on one thing at a time.

However some play styles are not possibles without alts, like using capitals, wormholes, being self-sufficient and be in a player corp.

The last point is what keeps me in an NPC corp. I would like to join a player corp, but without high-skilled alt accounts I would lose access to what I’m doing now and like. Also fearing I lose interest in EvE altogether, when a new alt is the solution to everything … taking away my “special snowflakiness”.


That’s BS, I’ve been playing for years on just one account and only recently tried using an alt. It’s really not that bad.


Remember not to confuse characters with accounts.

I think it would be fine if MCT allowed flying the MCTd character simultaneously with another toon on that Omega account, but I dont think the EVE client can be changed to facilitate that.

As to flying multiple non-Omegas, or non-Omegas with Omegas, that would concretrly force everyone to fly multibox to be competetive.

Would cause all kinda of problems for game balance, resource/isk generation and encourage botting.

I miss the days of much cheaper PLEX where it was more feasible for also newer players to afford 2 accounts at once with either one or two PLEX, but yeah, economy got wrecked.

I’ve been living in W-space, even in a C6 and I only have one account. This has led to me training to do basically everything I want on a single character.

The only thing stopping you from playing on a single account is you. Find a good corporation that you like to fly with and make some friends. Suddenly you have many other characters who are willing to help you out if you cannot do it yourself.


Totally agree with you, I only play Eve with two accounts. I suggested that CCP allow someone with an Omega or multiple Omega accounts the ability to run one and only one Alpha account at the same time.

The key thing is that you will now have a scout for your main. This would even up the game a lot. Seeing as they are going RNG, they might as well try this…

I think that as you will see a lot of people say you need to get better at Eve etc., I have to put an emphasis on the reason why, the only thing that really matters is having a scout, and that levels the playing field a huge amount and anyone saying other than that is lying through their teeth to continue their advantage.

When I started playing I went with one account only, in hisec as I was mining for the first six month it was not really an issue, which is why I never got caught by can flipping as I would warp to the station unload and warp back to the belt ISK per hour never bothered me. And the pitiful small amounts of hisec ore I moved was not worth ganking though one poor sap did actually try once…

When I moved to Stain it kept me tied to one system, which was fine because I developed my strategies to use that system well, because jumping through gates with one character was pure luck, not skill, and I only moved if people could scout me, which was painful having to wait at times. This was before nullified ceptors…

However as I got more into the game I found that I had to have a second account for the scout most of all and then for cyno’s and certain types of PvP. However whenever I can I just play with one character. So I would suggest that you treat a second account as just evening up your chances as a player against everyone else out there…

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This would be disastrous.

It concretly forces everyone to mulitbox.

You would be making the thing you dont want, in terms of mulitboxing proliferating, into a hard reality.

It would mean that overnight what before was a Omega vs Omega situation, has two Alphas added to it.

2 ships turns into 4, for just two players.

For fleet battles, for example, suddenly the amount of ships would mushroom with 1 Apha per Omega player.

Mining fleets would suddenly mushroom with an additional Alpha per Omega.

Are you deliberately being dumb, it is only one Alpha account with one or multiple Omega accounts, for gods sake man read what I wrote instead of answering what you think it is.

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You are seeing this the wrong way. It is more like real life than other video games.

When you are born, you are at a serious disadvantage compared to everyone else except those of your age. You grow up, learning from those who are older and more experienced, until eventually you are older and more experienced as well.

There is no catching up to do. There are always other people who are of your “generation” who are on equal footing. The idea that you would have to “catch up” does not apply to EVE at all. This comes from all the lesser games who make you believe that you are insignificant if you do not have the best gear etc. etc. … and it is ■■■■■■■■.

Furthermore, in EVE every skill is capped at V. Once you reach V on a skill, you are on equal footing with everyone else who has that skill on V. Having 100 million SP in a frigate fight does not make you any better than having only 10 million SP in a frigate fight, because you will likely both have maxed out your skills anyway.

This game is more about brains than skills and grinding. Being smarter than the average joe is actually easy, too.

Once you understand that the idea of “catching up” is nonsense, you will also understand why requiring multiple accounts to be successful is equally nonsense. What matters most is how much thought you put into what you are doing, and a brainless moron with more accounts will always be beneath a single person with a brain he actually knows how to use.


They have Star Citizen for that, oh wait! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

You don’t understand the game. That is okay. But the game isn’t wrong, you are. Can I have your stuff?


I understood that
Are ypu deliberately being dumb to not see that?

It still means all fleets activities will mushroom in amount of ships.

Every individual player with Omega will be adding an Alpha to the situation.

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That affect is meaningless, so a ganker player with 11 Omega accounts gets another alpha account, big deal…

As for active fleets, an Alpha account is not taht useful for main line alliance doctrines.

So no the impact is small.

You are trolling me, I never said that, you adjusted my quote to say that, you are deliberately misquoting me.

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No, dumbass.

It means 11 Omega players show up with another 11 Alphas PLUS however other many Omegas each has.

A fleet of 11 Omegas with 11 ships mushrooms into 22 ships.

11 Omegas + 11 Alphas, from 11 players.

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