Too slow leveling

I do not feel the leveling system right.
as basically does not matters do you play the game or not to be able to level up and use new stuffs.
THere is nothing what makes me feel rewarded in the game. Do not missunderstand me please, as i got the loots and everithing. I get that. But I am a newbie and I do not feel like the game is supports the new players as it shuld, I mean if I play I risking my stuffs. I do not get rewarded with experience to use the ships. I mean if i useing a specific ship or weapon then why do not earn experience for it?
Personally for me it would mean if i lose a ship at least i earned the experience.
I am dissapointed and I beleve this is a serious gap in the game.

Hope my words will help.



It’s not a gap in the game. This just isn’t the game for you. Go play something else.


It’s been said many times:

There are “hard” skills and there are “soft” skills.

“Hard” skills are the skill levels you’re referring to. The stuff you train in your queue.

“Soft” skills is your experience.

No amount of hard skills can make up for a lack of soft skills.

If it was easy to go fly a battleship for example the first 2-3 days into the game you’d get blown up right away because you don’t know how to use it. (or, the game would just be an arcade game which it isn’t).


You earn experience. You learn how to fit it, how to fly it. You learn how to use and not to use it. You learn quirks about it and how to use them to your advantage. You learn what it can do and what it cannot do. Those are all things you learn when you fly your ships. Gaining experience isn’t just measured in SP.

If you want to grind for SP by using a thing, I suggest you rethink your priorities. Grinding for SP to learn a ship would mean that you have to fly it for the equivalent of 9 days. Only that one ship. And you’d have to repeat that for all the other ships. And this is just for frigates. Now please tell me how this is better than training passively for all frigates at once while you can do whatever you want.



have you looked at the skills you’re trying to train?

seen what attributes they have as primary and secondary?

have you implanted any slot 1-5 attribute affecting implants?

used cerb Accelerators or skill injectors?

look it’s not rocket science, sure there are a few skills at higher lvl (4 and 5) that take time, and these normally very specialized skills and generally worth getting.

with improved implants and master-in-arm Cerb acc you can clear most skills in short order, but if you’re training for a titan then expect long training times, you don’t get access to ships and modules like that for nothing, if you did everyone would be in one and the game would die from lack of interest.

you train skills to get to specific role ships, it’s not like other MMO’s wher eyou have exp gain, in eve everything you gain you have earned the hard-way and hopefully feel the reward of gaining it.

instant gain has no reward and only benefits those with short attention spans or the dimwitted.

OP isn’t exactly wrong, except for the title of her piece. EVE’s leveling system is very weird by any standard, but you can also game this system to your ADVANTAGE.

No other MMO where you can just plan to play the game during your next vacation, so you already make your alpha account and start leveling up to 5 million skill points for when you get back. Skilling might as well be immediate then and you absolutely DO want some of those character skills, before you get serious about playing hard.

Battleships and other expensive newbie traps don’t come into this; even for a complete novice activity, like, for example, flying exploration frigates, having the relevant skills maxed to alpha limits, compared to using the starter skills, is the difference of not being able to scan down anything, to getting high ROI on your ship.

You can skip many of the usual, artificial brakes on newbie progression this way, for free. Few other game companies are as crazy as CCP. In this case, this is a plus good. Use it.


Eve does allow you to “level grind” if you want to. If you want to “level faster” for time you put in you can spend time doing something to make isk and then buy injectors with the isk.


Skills w/o experience is worth less.

That’s why skilling up takes time. You’re suppose to be doing things to get experience while skilling up.

Otherwise EVE becomes just an arcade game.


Sadly, I do not get what u wanna say.

Just accumulating SP does no good. Experience plays a HUGE role in the game.

If you make it easier to just skill up levels you devalue the experience part and the game loses being about a journey of player growth.

Well its much better, as its depends my activity. I can be active as noone but im not getting further.

Now i dont really care stacked up the skills for learning maybe log in once a day and wait to maybe half year or a year (if i live long enught) be able to play as I can enjoi it.

It is unconfortable to as newbie i stuck in HS or im fcked.
you tell me i can dfo wht ewer I want. Please, that is not true.
I can go anywhere wich is true. But there is plenty of reasons why its not safe. That is cool i get that as i like hard and chellenging games.
But there is no reason to play it as someone just comes and mess u up and all your loot, all your work lost.

I still belive it`s not well balanced.

Thx your words.

Np braw thats fine im used to that.

Yes the first thing what i did is collect as many information as possible how can i increase my studying.
when I realised to I do not even need to play to get further. Then what for?

As I want to specializew to Triglivian its not easy. Players will feel happy to kill a triglivian ship, wich means low sec and no sec mens a huge risk.
In hs understandably hard to get isk to get injectors.

This is not MMo, sadly not even hack an slash as its role playing game.
But still not getting the experience if im playeing on a role.

Yes i had boosters i even bought the gold start pack but (with booster 8 to all attributes) i still say i do not get further as i want.

Clear, but if i do know what i want to do and I can not do anything to reach it then why shuld iI play?

EVE is not an instant-gratification game.

Neither is life.

One of things that appeals to EVE players.


The days of SP waiting are over… you can buy PLEX to load up on injectors, also sell Omega, to continual SP level.

Also free daily SP, game levelling is like UBI now.

So they make money selling levelling, they also give out a small amount to keep you dependent and logging in.

Dependency is the greatest form of control, hence the daily SP UBI. To get your ingame SP UBI you have to log in. You depend upon it.

Ask yourself this, if you didn’t get the daily SP UBI on logging in, would you log in as often? You will probably find more people log in more often, simply to claim it. It works as 1) a magnet to draw you in and 2) dependency control, they got you to log in, you need/want SP.

Being able to make multiple purchases of the Training Bundle (with the accelerator) would be very helpful. They could limit it to once every 6 months.

Right now you can only use it once per account.

EVE Online’s “skills over time” mechanic is one of its unique selling points.
That is how it has always been.

The game mechanics are so labyrinthine and complex that the theory is that by the time you’ve worked out how those mechanics work and gotten some practical experience, your skills have finished training.

Feel free to buy as much SP as you want, and to buy all the deadspace/officer/storyline modules you want but all you will end up with is an eye-wateringly expensive loss mail for the rest of us to laugh at, because you have no idea how the mechanics work.

EVE rewards players who put time into the game.
You must learn the game mechanics.


I tend to agree with the OP just a little bit. For example I’ve got to wait another 20 hours for EM Compensation skill level 4. I think level 5 is another 14 days or something. This is clearly not an actual ‘active’ skill that requires any real skill on my part. It is a totally passive skill that will add a few more EHP to my ship. It’s no different to adding an EM shield extender.

One is out there in Eve facing people with 6000 days of skills, and this mechanic just disadvantages a person when their actual ‘soft’ skill may be well up to the task. Plus its absurd to make it the same number skills days for everyone. A better mechanic would be to base skill on actual play in the game…not some mechanised rote system.