Too slow leveling

you can speed it up. adjust your attributes, use implants.

I need Advanced Weapons Upgrades 5. That’s 26 days.

I can wait the time or buy Plex and get LSI’s.

I took the Plex/LSI route to cut that time in half.

Used to be. Not anymore. AFK-skilling made a lot more sense when Eve was a pure subscription based game, with a very time limited alpha trial period (and no skill injectors), followed by omega.
That made the old Eve ecology a closed, internally consistent system that put every newbie on an equal footing, back in the day.

Today it’s just a funny, weird mechanic that players can game outside the box.

Hardly. It’s not that complicated to figure out.

Several times now, I’ve seen players confusing plexing expensive ships with plexing skillpoints. This is very curious at the very least. Players can lose ships but they cannot lose skill points (you could back in ancient times, but not in recent times) .

For hardware it is: “don’t fly what you cannot afford to lose.”
For skills it’s the exact opposite rule: “just because you can fly it, doesn’t mean you should”, i.e. don’t fly a ship without high skill levels (yours AND the characters), because you’ll be flying handicapped.

This even applies to novice frigates.
■■■■, if you put an elite dualist in fresh alpha account and make him duel a mediocre dualist in a mirrored ship, but with every relevant skill maxed to level 5, the mediocre player is going to win at his leisure just on higher stat numbers alone.
For PvE activities, the effect of skill levels is even more pronounced, with even less player skill factoring into the outcome.

For a competitive game, EVE actually applies a handicap rule the other way around as everyone elsewhere would expect.

By all means, game the system, since you can.

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EVE replaces grinding bosses for more gear with simply waiting for a skill to finish, a skill you might not even use depending on your circumstances and access to the ship or environment that the skill requires.

What you do in EVE depends on your ability to coordinate and plan with others. If you want to play solo then be prepared to not experience or barely experience most of the content in the game. You will definitely be fighting an uphill struggle in pvp.

The common MMO mechanics of grinding hard to progress fast aren’t really even a strength, it just exists to entrap your attention in the grind to max level. In EVE if you plan well and spend money wisely you can get all the skills but that really doesn’t mean anything.

While I disagree with your closing sentence, you do touch on something very important.

Many other MMOs also allow a group of stronger players to carry a newbie, a.k.a. leech, but only in EVE the option exist for a group of relatively modest means, to instantly boost a trusted friend to a needed role. It costs ISK, but there are no hard limits to this, other than maxed levels. No other game has this.

A newbie can be the proverbial fifth wheel on the cart, for the normal duration, but a fast learner could also become a quick investment to a group.

Then chose your skills more wisely.

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Im guessing you might like mining.

You’ll be grinding forever and you could spice it up a bit by mining in say 0.5? If you’re lucky, someone will gangk you and then you’ll be stuck in a perpetual hell trying to grind the isk back to make up for the 200mil ish losses and finish by crying yourself to sleep into your little weeb pillow at night.

Just a thought.

If you train mining skills and then stop mining for 13 years, was the investment worthwhile or not.

WHY would you think there’s at least a chance it would have changed in all that time?!

Ask rorqual miners 5 years ago, 2 years ago and today. Use your brain.

That was cute.

The system does not automatically tell you what the best fits are for your ship…you have to look that up yourself. For example, nothing will leap out and tell you that a Caracal can use a heavy missile launcher…it requires a bit of time in the fitting window to find that out. The skills you gained for just the ship itself are only half the story. For example if you just train for a Condor on its own you will end up with a 25 DPS ship. You have to find out for yourself that with a few extra skills, plus skills for missile launchers, additional parts, etc…you can get a Condor to 60 DPS. The system will tell you what skills you need for the fitting…but it wont tell you what the ‘best’ fitting is, you have to find that out for yourself or join a corp that knows it all already.

You lack the experience needed.

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It does.

If you look at the traits of a particular ship it does say the kind of weapons class(es) it will fit. In the case of a Caracal heavy missiles are listed (the wording is bad however, makes it seem like rapid heavy missiles, not regular heavy).

(Doesn’t mean you can’t put other weapons types on, but you won’t have a good fit and won’t get the ship bonuses.)

Sure, but the info is in several different places. Likewise with the missiles themselves, you have to try out each missile in fittings to see which is best…which is a lengthy process if there’s 40 different missile types that can be fitted. There’s nothing that actually tells you ’ did you know you could get 289 DPS if you fit this and that ? '. It’s a laborious process…and the menu structure does not make it at all clear what can be fitted or even what most of the things you could fit actually are. I guess one does not want it too easy…but likewise one does not want it so hard that one misses stuff because one had no idea something even existed.

I’ve largely gotten the hang of it…but I can see why a lot of noobs just give up on this unwieldly system that is like fitting together a large jigsaw with no picture to go by.

You’re making it waaaaaaaay more complicated than it needs to be.

You don’t have to try all missile types.

Most missile ships give a bonus for a certain missile type. Concentrate on those bonus types.
The ones that don’t give bonuses for the launchers so then it’s just a mater of the kind of missile you like using.

Then it comes down to the type of launcher. Use the compare tool.

Missile damage is much more a function of your skills and ship type then anything else.

It really isn’t that complex.

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The game is different from most MMO.


I wouldn’t mind the skill training to get boosted on new accounts, or see some better base skills for new players. But, that’s about it.

Instead of a bunch of cheesy paywalls, I wouldn’t mind paying IRL cash for better skill boosters.

Alpha daily injectors exist. and new players start out with quite a bit of SP especially if they recreate and use someone’s referral link to get 1mil SP.

Yeah, I didnt give them my referral link… oops.