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I haven’t logged in for almost 2 years. Meanwhile, I played many space simulations, especially Elite, but Eve remained a wound in my heart. I thought I should come back almost every month and I came to the forum and read the post, then I gave up. I’m having one of those times again. Skill point difference has probably been opened up too much to cover now. What would you recommend me, considering the current state of Eve? Should I give it a chance or wait to release of Eve Echoes and make a fresh start with it? :roll_eyes:

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Eve is the same as ever. The forums have always been really angry and negative. There isn’t a skills gap - it is easier to get skills now because CCP keeps having events to give them away.

At least come back as a free Alpha and fly around a bit.

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Don’t worry about SP deficit. Just evaluate whether you’re enjoying it. Log in for a few days and see!

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The skills difference is also not as big of an issue because there is content set aside for low skills ships only.

EVE is what you make of it.

More than anything, in my opinion, it’s the social interaction that makes the game. For me in particular, it’s the us versus them team mentality I like. You don’t need a lot of skill points for that. You just need to be good company, as they say where I come from.

Out of all my skill points, I use the 14 basic skills, everyone advises you to train, and a few more. Skill points don’t make you a good conversationalist, they don’t teach you how to assess a combat situation, they don’t provide a helping hand to a brand new to EVE player, they don’t crack a good joke on comms…the player does.

EVE is what you make of it, not your skill points.


As others have said, there are various ways to catch up on skill points nowadays.
However, the skill point gap doesn’t matter that much, and never has. The way EVE is designed, more skills give you more options of ships to get blown up in, but no matter how many SP you have you can still get blown up by a 1m SP newbie who chose to fly one frigate really well.

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We can blame all the lesser MMOs for this nonsense.
Their logic doesn’t apply to EVE ONLINE.

EVE is much fairer in that regard. It’s just that people, like yourself here, mistake EVE for one of these lesser MMOs which ■■■■■■■■ you into believing that XP grinding should be a normal part of the gameplay and that you have catching up to do.

The sole reason why games contain grinding for XP is because it’s an addiction creating game mechanic. It’s built in to make sure you get hooked onto grinding for the next fix. Eventually it established itself and now people like yourself think that it’s the norm and how it should be. In reality you’re just being abused and they don’t need to put as much effort into thinking of gameplay.

Instead you run around like a moron slaying monsters which are mostly too easy to beat anyway … but that’s how to make sure the player stays addicted. People often wrongly use the word “hooked”, but that’s downplaying what’s actually happening.

In EVE that’s simply not the case. The game wants you to play. It doesn’t fool you into believing grinding for XP should be a part of the gameplay.

Thankfully so.


how is elite these days? did they add more content? is mining now worth the time?
what about the space legs xpac, any news on this?

to answer ur eve questions, yea eve online is still fun and one of the best mmos we have on the market but damn, dont even think about playing echoes, it looks so bad and the people who tested it only say bad things about it! i think its just a fast cash machine for ccp like any other mobile game! dont fall for this idiot trap! u should rather pay and support the real eve! :slight_smile:

also since u can play eve for free, just try it on alpha account and if u get hookd again just upgrade to omega! eve has so many great Features u gonna find 100% something that is fun for you!

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You need to know why you did you quit.

If it was because the price, well you can now play for free albeit quite restricted. Still I was able to farm up 2 omega accounts as alpha in one of those quiet lowsecs in a month (but I played a lot).

If it was because you got ganked by players or maybe even npcs and you lost your precious ship then this got only worse though wardecs are limited now and suicide ganking freighters is on demise due to bumping restrictions. But we now have high-end endlessly and instantly respawning roaming npcs which will kill any afk miners and more agressive versions of them in invaded systems where they roam everywhere not just belts. So if that was the case, just biomass your characters because this won’t change and you will not have excuse to come back anymore.

If it was because eve took too much time and dictated your life due to timers (my case) then you need to change your gameplay and avoid these things as much as possible. Find a corp/aliance that does not require you to commit so much or play solo, even tho it is a shitty game it offers quite a lot of content to at least try and it can entertain you for a while.

If it was another reason then I can’t help.

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