New player - a couple of questions to get started

Hi all,

I’m actually a returning player but I’ve forgotten so much that I might as well be starting from the start. I was wondering if I might ask a few questions?

  1. I think the last time I played EvE was back in 2010/2011. Back then, there was (I think) a set of “core skills” that were different form The Magic 14 that - once trained - made training everything else much quicker. Am I dreaming that up or did the game change along the way?

  2. At the moment I’m working my way through the Enforcer career path, at least until I figure out how I want to play EvE. I was wondering though; should I do the Sisters of EvE quest line before, after or in tandem with the Enforcer Career path?

  3. Full disclosure; I’m a 50-year-old gamer who’s looking for a game that he can just chill with after busy days at work. How does the Corp landscape look for players like me? Is there a dinosaurs’ Corp out there that’s filled with crusty old blokes like me?

I’m quite sure that I’ll have a million other questions in time if that’s cool.

  1. They did remove some of those skills but dont worry, the game will shower you with free skillpoints for doing different activities.

  2. Really does not matter. You dont have to optimize the new player experience.

  3. There are hundreds of groups for exactly that

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  1. There’s still implants which make your char skill faster:
    These need some skills, but that’s skilled quickly.

  2. Before: Many of the missions count also as Air tasks, so enjoy the synergy!

  3. Do some reading (e.g. here in the forums) and talking to find out what the corps are up to, but I’m pretty sure you will find a suiting one.

More info on ways to optimize training at pierre’s link
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