Want to return

Thinking of playing again, but I’m kinda lost. I stopped 18 months ago. When I stopped, I was gearing up for T1 PVP. I’ve played many years on and off, just not much PVP, mostly exploring and hauling.

the first part of being lost comes from skill queue and 3rd party apps. I was able to plan my skill queue pretty well both in game and out. I logged in recently, and something changed; I can’t figure out what I’m doing skill wise. The interface doesn’t seem to hold as much info or display it as succinctly as it used to, and I believe I need that. I think I used eve-mon or something, that helped plan skills to a specific goal.

the second part is this alpha omega thing. Many of myy skills are well past alpha, so I can’t just jump in for a quick run and use my characters as they are. That’s not such a big deal though, as I can pay a month. What I really need is a way to figure out where I was going when I stopped, and that would come in skill tree visibility.

Another thought, this game has been churning along for many years. Now that CCP has been purchased by a south Korean company, I don’t have as much faith that EVE is going to remain popular for much longer. I love the game, but it requires a considerable amount of time and planning. If a death spiral is coming, it may be better to look forward to whatever would take over in this space.

In the end, I need help with skill planning and visibility. Something changed in the character interface for the worst, and I need to overcome that.

  1. theres still 3rd party programs for your skill planning, the skill window was just divided up so you can make a huge line of skills and not worry. Also only you can know where you were going so load up evemon or go through the skill tabs and youll see your skills

  2. even as a alpha you can do alot with the skills since you said you were going to be doing t1. some of the skills even at t1 are capped so you cant get your frigate 5 bonus if you were maxed on frigates since alpha cap is at 4.

  3. CCP is always being shifted around, just because a SK company bought CCP doesnt mean its going down as they are only looking to make a profit, all of the decision making is still coming from CCP proper who have a habit of going and not thinking.

Eveboard quit tracking skills so i use https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Agondray. that can help others advise on skills

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