Returning after 11 years

Hey guys…

I’ve just managed to get one of my account from 11+ years ago… I’m way out of the loop. However I have nearly 400k SP spare to be dished out.

Is there a good guide that lists the skills you need or should use to go down certain routes? I’m a Galente, hopeing to go down the drone ship route.

Any help much appreciated

Support Skills
Generic Guide
Otherwise, there’s a Ship Chart app in-game, open it from the toolbar on the left and figure out what ships you want to unlock. Plan on training the corresponding ship skill from the Spaceship Command group, the corresponding weaponry skills from the Gunnery, Missiles, and/or Drones groups, and (with bigger ships) higher levels of the Support skills.

11 Years. Wow. I don’t know where to begin to cover the past 11 years.

I guess we’ll just cover the current state of the game.

  1. If you have let your account lapse in the subscription, you are now an Alpha clone which is free-to-play. Alpha and Omega clones have been implemented to help build the player base once again. Omega clones are paid subscription players as normal. Alpha clones are limited to fly up battleships (T2 ships are off limits), some T2 modules & ammo, and you can have purchase a daily skill injector that is weaker than a small skill injector and only works on alpha clones (limited to 1 per day resetting at downtime).

  2. Player-owned structures have now expanded into citadels than can be destroyed rather than conquered compared to the legacy outposts. These have also completely replaced the control towers that you see next to the moons with what we now call refineries which literally rip out chunks of the moon into space and blast that chunk out to create a personal asteroid belt from which the moon materials are mined with ships.

  3. You now have a fitting simulator at your disposal. No more having to look for third-party apps or browsers or spreadsheet your way into figuring out a good fit. The tool is available in-game and it’s extremely useful.

  4. Gambling is officially illegal in Eve Online according to CCP Games. You can thank Counterstrike: Global Offensive for this along with several countries already cracking down on online gambling. So if you’re thinking about starting a gambling ring, too late. You missed the party.

  5. The hamsters are still running the servers.

  6. CCP Guard is still short, but don’t let his size fool you.

Hope that just about covers it.

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If on the other hand you did not allow your subscription to lapse and kept training, you’re now officially stinking rich since you can buy / sell SP now :smile:

Thanks a load guys, will check out these guide and see what’s what.

Haha luckily it did lapse, wouldn’t fancy the wife finding out I’ve been paying for a game for 11 years and not playing :smile:

Many thanks!

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