Returning players offer

I’m afk for a year or 5, you offer me 12 million skill points for absolutely killer deal of 280€? You understand what I get for 280€ in other games, right, or if I buy like 10 other full games for the same money?

Edit: 12 mil SP of course, not 120mil.

I mean, who wouldn’t jump on that?

Oh that’s right, the ones that actually had to wait for skills to train for a better part of a decade ( might be closer to 2 decades ), this is seriously your best offer, SP? And for money?

This game was exciting, fun, challenging and worth the wait when you could not buy SP, you totally lost the plot completely.

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I got one for 350M skillpoints for only $5,000 USD

Selling skill points is crazy…I can’t believe EvE sank to such a low point to be honest. It actually bothers me.


RMT all your sp for rl $. What would it matter if you got permban for it if you wouldn’t play again anyway?

I wonder if the big alliances can negotiate for discounts. I mean, they approach CCP and offer them $100,000 in exchange for X.

Welcome to CCP’s increased monetization.

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